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LOUGHRIGG – SILVER HOWE CHASE – Sunday 24th February

We’ve had a busy season last year, asking a lot of folk to help out, so this one’s an under the radar job just for our club again and mates from Kendal/Helm etc. so long as they know it’s not under any rules and is technically just a timed run! Same format: no pins, no entry fee, no numbers, no marshals, no prizes and defo no GPS. So, the race that’s not a race but everyone knows that it is really a race to the death!

Meet at the cattle grid by the park (no grid refs either!) for about 10.40 where I can write your names down and we’ll aim for an 11.00am start. Any route you like to the following CPs:

Loughrigg summit trig (you must touch the trig)
Silver Howe summit cairn (you must touch the cairn with your hand)
Loughrigg summit trig (again you must touch the trig)
Lily Tarn (there will be an orienteering kite with a label on it. There will be a picture of an animal on it – you have to look at it and tell me on the finish line what the animal was as proof you’ve been. Open to all manner of abuse I know but hey?! I can tell you that it won’t be Nessie again:-)

You must be careful and switch you brain on at Red Bank Road going out and back. I’ll try to get a Caution Runners sign up in both directions but it won’t be marshalled. Easier said than done when you’ve got your race head on but please do be smart there.

There is a high chance of home baking on the finish line.