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Ambleside AC Financial Guidance

Funding for trips to races

The club would like to thank organisers of trips and races for their efforts in making these things happen. It is no small task and is appreciated by members. This guidance is intended to make the financial arrangements more straightforward and transparent.

If your trip or race ‘qualifies’ for funding, please either send an invoice or bank transfer details to the Club Treasurer or pay with your own money and reclaim. Don’t forget to send any receipts.

Club Treasurer is Chris Giles. Email:

To British and English Champs races and UKA Fell Relay. If six or more club competitors are travelling and the event is a significant distance from Cumbria the club will pay for a minibus and ferry costs. Club members are expected to pay for their own petrol, accommodation and meals.

To other races (e.g. Carnethy, Ben Nevis) and other ‘non race’ club trips (for example weekends in Scotland or Wales) – same as above.

Important note to trip organisers

If the trip is to receive club funding, please publicise to all members. Send details to and the social media secretary will make everyone aware.

Funding for AAC races

Club member only races (e.g. orienteering, handicap, uphill, downhill)
Reasonable prizes, sometimes some food. Total budget for each of these events is £150.

FRA registered ‘open’ races (e.g. Loughrigg, Shires, Fairfield) Organiser works out his/her own budget. Expectation that a profit is made but small losses are covered if they occur.

Other discretionary expenditure including equipment and training courses

Expenditure up to £250 can be approved by the Club Treasurer. Above this amount expenditure requires the agreement of the committee, but this can be obtained by the Club Treasurer via email.

AGM and club achievement prizes

Prizes and occasionally food paid.

AAC Committee
29 January 2019
(Amended for contact details Feb 2022)