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Tuesday Evenings

Tuesday Training March to November 2021 is here. Enjoy:-)

Open attachment here:



Lots of fun to be had here. Welcome the return of the AAC Tuesday night club run 😊

Many thanks to Chris Hodgson who will lead or arrange a lead for the steady group. This group is perfect if you want a steady run or if you’re new to the club and not sure who to run with.

Some Tuesday evenings have Club Champs races arranged; on these evenings you can choose to either compete in the Champs race or head out on your Training run, they all start / finish in the same location so we can still have a social afterwards.

Most runs will meet in lay bys, car parks or on village roads. Please do park considerately. It is perfectly acceptable for us to meet and train in groups of more than six outdoors but we do need to be aware of public perception; making sure that at the start or at the end of a session we are seen to be adhering to SD.

A few points to ensure we keep it safe for us and for others:

  • England Athletics guidance states that athletes and runners training in a public space can do so in unlimited numbers so long as that environment is COVID secure
  • Please don’t come if you feel ill
  • Travel separately if you can
  • Observe 1.5m + at all times and be particularly aware of other trail/path users/land owners
  • Runners should adhere to any restrictions placed on public spaces by the owner of the land (i.e., we need to be willing to go around farms etc if requested to do so – for example, the current path diversion at the ODG)
  • We should consider the potential pressure on emergency services/MR and extended time/difficulty of any rescue (be prepared to carry decent kit)
  • Even in “summer months”, bring a headtorch
  • Look after yourself and others by washing your hands, using hand sanitiser after the run prior going to the pub, SD at the pub. Bring hand sanitiser and a face covering if you’re going to the pub.
  • At start of each run, one person needs to get a quick phone photo of everyone in that “group” which we will use for track and trace if we need to
  • If any runner develops symptoms and tests positive, they should:
  1. Inform Michelle Crowley or Dan Duxbury
  2. Complete the UKA COVID-19 tracking form:

Just common sense and consideration for each other, for the local community and for visitors 😊



Some of these take place on Tuesdays, some take place at weekends. They are a mix of AAC Club only events and ‘official’ races (FRA/Park run). Juniors can compete at selected races; full details will be publicised in the week ahead of each race. Chris Hodgson