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Tuesday Evenings

Tuesday is our main club training night. Winter schedule currently in operation. Check Facebook group for more detailed session plan or to enquire as to who is doing what.

What do I need to know?

6.30pm start at Ambleside Rugby Club. Parking, hot showers, slimmers, rugby brutes

Options usually are:

1.’Kenyan’ hill efforts on the road. Longer reps between 5 and 8 mins. Led by Michelle. Around 1hr – 1hr 30

2. Fell run. Pace will depend on who is going. 1-2 hours

3. Steadier road/trail run – ‘Sarah’s group’ Around 1 hour

What do I need to bring?


Appropriate shoes for your session (worth brining road and fell shoes ‘just in case’)

High viz if on roads

Shower stuff

What else do I need to know?

Golden Rule afterwards for a drink

Contact Michelle for more info:

***Please note: Tuesday 10th December is the Kirkstone Handicap. More details to follow***