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Club Champs


How does the Club Championship Work?

We select a range of fell races for the annual Junior Club Champs. In each race, the Ambleside Juniors will be awarded points according to their position relative to other Ambleside Juniors in our age categories of U9; U11; U13; U15; U17; U19

The first Ambleside runner in each age category is awarded 12 points; second 10 points; third 9 points; fourth 8 points; etc to 11th place awarded 1 points. DNF / DNS = 0 points. Each runner’s best 6 results will count towards their final Championship points total.

There are 12 races each year. Races aren’t held in school holidays, and mid week races are only held on Thursday club nights. Some races are part of the FRA English Junior Champs (link), and it would be fantastic to see loads of you there!



Training resuming on Thur 11th Jan

1) Sun 28th Jan – Birkrigg, Winter League – link

Half term break – no training on Thur 15th Feb

2) Sun 10th March – Cautley, Winter League – link

Easter break after training on Thur 28th March (Easter Egg Hut), resuming on Thur 18th April

3) Sun 21st April – FRA Duddon Dash, Seathwaite – link

4) Sun 12th May – FRA Sedbergh

5) Sun 19th May – FRA Shutlingsloe

Half term break – no training on Thur 30th May

6) Sun 9th June – FRA Rossendale – inc England selection for U15+

7) Sat 15th June – FRA Weaver Hills

8) Sun 7th July – FRA Clwydian

Summer break after training on Thur 11th July (Juniors Sports Day), resuming on Thur 5th Sept

9) Thur 12th Sept – Steel Fell – club night

10) Sat 28th Sept – Orton Fell Race

11) Thurs 10th Oct – Penny Rock, Grasmere – club night

12) Thurs TBC – Rydal Mile – club night

Save the date: Thur 24th Oct – Halloween run

Half term break – no training on Thur 31st Oct

Save the date; end of year celebration on Sun 24th Nov (TBC)

Winter break after training on Thur 5th December 2024, resuming on Thur 6th Jan 2025.



These are determined following FRA rules, where age categories are decided based on the child’s age on 31st December that year.

Age categories
Year of birth
Age of competitors
Under 9’s
2018, 2017, 2016
6 (on date of
race), 7 or 8
Under 11’s
2015, 2014
8, 9 or 10
Under 13’s
2013, 2012
10, 11 or 12
Under 15’s
2011, 2010
12, 13 or 14
Under 17’s
2009, 2008
14, 15 or 16
Under 19’s
2007, 2006
16, 17 or 18



2024 Club Champs – results after 6 races (last FRA Rossendale, 9 June 2024), can be viewed here

2023 Club Champs – results after all 12 races, can be viewed here

If you spot any mistakes in the results within a week of the race(s), please e-mail