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Langdale update and results

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Results will appear here after the race.

Update Friday evening:

Hi Langdale runners

The weather is still far from perfect but is not currently forecast as being so dire as to have to cancel or commit to a lower level route at this time. We have a large team of volunteers working hard to make the full route possible.

A final decision will be made by 8am tomorrow. I understand that this will be a bit frustrating for people travelling from away who want to know what they are in for, but if pressed to decide now about which route to run, the only safe decision would be a shortened, low level route. Keeping options open at this stage maintains the possibilty of the full route being doable.

Obviously, and as ever, the main consideration will be the safety of the marhals on the hill. They are in the same place in whatever weather presents itself, in some cases for 2 to 3 hours. If the decision is made to shorten the route, it will be to protect these volunteers. We have a couple of shortened, lower level route options, and unless there is unpassable flooding in the valleys or a parking nightmare on the field, you will get a race of some sort.

Please bring the extra kit outlined in the email you recieved on Wednesday and be prepared for every eventuality. You will find out on arrival at the event field what the plan is. There is no Internet or 4G down the valley. Please abide by whatever decision is made in good grace. We are all fell running volunteers working really hard to give you a great race. It is unlikely you will be able to register before 9.15am as we will have a lot of setting up to do which has not been possible today due to the strong winds.

A final word from me is that if you are not confident running and route finding in the hills in very poor visibility, strong winds and torrential rain, it might be worth giving it a pass this year and coming back next year when it will be glorious sunshine and 20 degrees.

See you tomorrow