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Todd Crag junior races – Sunday 25th March HELP NEEDED!

You may have noticed that our Todd Crag race is part of the national FRA English Championship series this year (Sunday 25th March 2018).  I am the race organiser for this event and obviously we will be hoping for loads of race participation from our team of juniors.


We need a huge team of helpers on the day to make this event happen – marshalling, counting runners, serving teas and cakes, etc.
Please do reply if you can help at all. If you know a job that you would like, do say.  Some marshalling jobs are very low down – on the road crossing at the park for example, and others are high up on the fell.  We need a team to sit at desks registering runners. And we will need loads of help setting up hot drinks in the kitchen and clearing / selling refreshments through the afternoon.
Also, because we will be serving cakes on the day, and all contributions of cakes to sell will be very gratefully received. The more the better!