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LOUGHRIGG – SILVER HOWE CHASE: Timed Run – Sun 18th February 2018, 11.00 am


It’s back! Stripped back and pared down to an under the radar “timed run”. The perfect sharpener for those with their eyes set on  Edale or Black Combe…


We’ve a busy year ahead as a club and we’re going to be asking a lot in the way of marshalling duties come the relays in October so this one is being run old skool: no entry fee, no numbers, no pins, no prizes, no official results, no marshals (just visit the check points on trust) no inflatable start banners…there may be a wee bit of cake however:-)

Meet by my car (black VW Touran) at the cattle grid on the Under Loughrigg road (GR 372045) from 10.30am for an 11.00am start.


Up the “zigzags” to the fell gate (3rd gate) and then any route you like to the summit of Loughrigg. You must touch the trig.

Descend “off the back” to Red Bank road (the best route descends in a SW direction to the gate on the corner of Intake Wood).

Run up the road a way paying attention to traffic (the road crossing will not be marshalled as this is not an official “race”) and then take a L onto the path that ascends Huntingstile Crag.

From here, you’ll really need to know where you’re going, especially if the clag’s down! Find your way across the fell (stay N of Dow Bank and Spedding Crag and up to the summit of Silver Howe (best route is via  “sheep lick gully!).You must touch the summit cairn.

Retrace your route to Loughrigg summit, again being careful when crossing Red Bank road with your disco legs and race head fully engaged:-)

From Loughrigg summit, find your way to Lily Tarn where you will find a red and white orienteering kite with a laminated picture of an animal on it. You’ll need to tell me what the animal was on the picture as proof you’ve been:-)

From Lily Tarn, it’s an easy scamper: take the path heading NE to the kissing gate in the stone wall and then race down to the bridge. Cross the bridge and follow the woodland path to the stile which drops you back at the top of the “zig zags” you climbed on the way out. Run back down to the cattle grid, over the bridge and immediate right onto the grass by the stone circle.


It’s not an official race so I can’t insist that you take anything! HOWEVER…use your brains: It’s February, it’s a tough route to nav if you don’t know it especially if the weather craps out and visibility drops to sod all and this run has seen snow and clag more than it’s seen sun.  Take winter kit to survive if you have to stop, slow or assist another runner. HYPOTHERMIA creeps up on you, is dangerous and can kill. Modern kit weighs nothing; it’s not worth running without it!

Hoping that folk understand why this one needs to be just a timed run and not a “race” and looking forward to seeing some of you there:-)