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BADGER BAR BLAST 2017: Call to Arms for race helpers…

Race starts at 12.00 from the “top track” path to Rydal Cave.

“Sometimes the most ordinary things can be made extraordinary simply by doing them with the right people.”

If I’ve learned anything in the last 20 years, this definitely includes registration forms and huddling with your mates on chilly summits counting runners and Ambleside AC are some of the finest folk on the planet. So…if you can help out at this, our first race of the year, it’ll be great to see you. Obviously in February the weather will be scorchio on Silver Howe…but even if it’s not, the craic’ll still be great and you can warm your toes by Paul’s fire and enjoy soup, cake and a brew afterwards.

It’s not a massive one to man. I reckon we need:

Car Parking: 3 people (9.30 – 11.30)

Registration and Results (sticker system!): 3 people (10.00 – 11.40)

Kit Check: 2 people (10.00 – 11.40)

Route flagger to Loughrigg summit (on morning of race): 1 person ( so long as you’re at Loughrigg summit before the first runners!)

Loughrigg summit: 3 people (12.00 – 2.00)

Red Bank Road: can be done by one person as it’s not a check point – you’re just there to warn the runners of those tin boxes on wheels and put a couple of “caution runners” signs up! (12.00 – 2.30)

Silver Howe summit: 2 people (12.20 – 1.45)

Finish line – times and positions: 4 people (collect kit from Badger Bar before 11.30 and on finish for 12.30)


First come first served and obviously a fair few of these jobs can easily be done by folk intending to race. Thanks loads…again!

Michelle x

All offers of help to:

Michelle Foxwell   07956 040211