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TUESDAY NIGHTS ARE BACK! Meet 6.40pm at Ambleside Rugby Club for 6.45pm start

Tuesday night Winter training starts NOW! Time to get lean and fast over the winter:-)
Meet at 6.40pm at Ambleside Rugby Club for a 6.45pm start.

What’s on Offer?

There’s something for everyone:

An easy, traily run for anyone wanting a steady run out 4-7 miles. This run is led by Sarah or Paul and is perfect for anyone who is new to the club and wants to get a feel for the pace, anyone who has raced hard and wants a steady one, anyone who is injured who needs to go easy or anyone who just wants to enjoy a run out at a steady pace. Bring a head torch.

There’s always a few who want to hit the fells so bring a head torch.

Hill reps for those in pursuit of hill speed and strength. Sometimes these will be the “classic” 7/8/9/10 hills of Ambleside taken at full gas with steady run in between each hill. New for Winter 2018/19 will be some Kenyan Hill sessions thrown in for those that fancy getting even more out of their hill training. These sessions build strength and stamina through increased time in your higher HR zone (approx. 80-90%). The difference between these and our usual hill efforts is that you run hard up the climb but not as insane as usual “7 hills” pace” as you don’t stop at the top or bottom of the climb to recover but instead focus on a steady, smooth down and flat (where the recovery happens). Essentially, it’s a continuous loop including one or two hills up to 1km in length. A session may be  2 x 10 minutes, 3 x 8 etc with a recovery in between. Thee sessions are best finished off with a few short, speedy efforts. In my college days, I ran for Sale Harriers and these sessions are really effective and were a staple session in our winter cross country training week, even if they do hurt like hell! I’m keen to get these sessions going if there’s enough interest:-)

So, bring: fell/road/trail shoes to suit, a headtorch and a few warm layers. And be sure to come for a drink in the Golden Rule afterwards.

Winter 2018/19 – BRING IT ON! The fun starts here:-)


Langdale update and results

Results will appear here after the race.

Update Friday evening:

Hi Langdale runners

The weather is still far from perfect but is not currently forecast as being so dire as to have to cancel or commit to a lower level route at this time. We have a large team of volunteers working hard to make the full route possible.

A final decision will be made by 8am tomorrow. I understand that this will be a bit frustrating for people travelling from away who want to know what they are in for, but if pressed to decide now about which route to run, the only safe decision would be a shortened, low level route. Keeping options open at this stage maintains the possibilty of the full route being doable.

Obviously, and as ever, the main consideration will be the safety of the marhals on the hill. They are in the same place in whatever weather presents itself, in some cases for 2 to 3 hours. If the decision is made to shorten the route, it will be to protect these volunteers. We have a couple of shortened, lower level route options, and unless there is unpassable flooding in the valleys or a parking nightmare on the field, you will get a race of some sort.

Please bring the extra kit outlined in the email you recieved on Wednesday and be prepared for every eventuality. You will find out on arrival at the event field what the plan is. There is no Internet or 4G down the valley. Please abide by whatever decision is made in good grace. We are all fell running volunteers working really hard to give you a great race. It is unlikely you will be able to register before 9.15am as we will have a lot of setting up to do which has not been possible today due to the strong winds.

A final word from me is that if you are not confident running and route finding in the hills in very poor visibility, strong winds and torrential rain, it might be worth giving it a pass this year and coming back next year when it will be glorious sunshine and 20 degrees.

See you tomorrow


Shires results

Shires 2018 results here

Club champs results with 2 races to go

Club champs results up to Black Combe Country Fair here

Thanks Jim T for sorting

Red Screes Downhill Dash 4th Sept 2018 RESULTS

A beautiful September evening saw 39 Amblesiders take a mass start from the summit before dashing down Red Screes all the way to The Rule last night. Well done to all who raced and thanks to those who made it happen.



Changed from Kentmere to Hartsop on account of decent(ish) forecast with loads more route possibilities.
Meet 6.30pm at Hartsop sheepfold.
Drink at Brotherswater afterwards.

Red Screes Downhill Dash

Red Screes Downhill Club Champs Race

Tuesday 4th September 2018

Ever wondered who the best descender in the club is? Well wonder no longer, the race you have been waiting for is here. The second running of this Kamikaze Downhill promises to be a corker and is part of the club champs in 2018. The concept is simple. We all start together at the summit of Red Screes and descend the long broad ridge to the south. The first to the door of the Golden Rule pub on Kirkstone Road in Ambleside wins.

The plan

Meet on summit at 6.50pm for a 7.00pm mass start. To encourage people not to skimp on kit to save weight, there will be a clear kit requirement, dependent on the weather, posted on club Facebook and website that day. If the weather is inclement please don’t give yourself too long to hang around on the summit as we need to start bang on 7pm due to timing consistency.

Please do not climb any walls or deviate too wildly from the path down the shoulder of Red Screes. This being fellrunning, cunning fast lines are absolutely encouraged, of which there are a few. Those of you familiar with the descent might recognise the points marked on the image below. In the interests of fairness, everyone needs to know that the wall gap at the northern most point and the low gate at the southern one are IN as crossing points. There is a decent trod joining the two. The gate requires a little step over or ‘shimmy’ through! Still time for a recce!

Can I please appeal to everyone to be super careful on the 700m of road at the end? If anyone racing can help by synching watches with me at 6.00pm at the Rule then please let me know. Someone to take times at the finish from 7.10pm would be useful as well. No-one except the runners are needed at the summit. Finally, there is no charge for this race as it comes free as part of your membership of the Greatest Fellrunning Club on Earth.

Beers and Prizes in the Rule afterwards. See you there, Dan

Last years results here

Screen Shot 2018 08 23 at 19.40.19 622x486 Red Screes Downhill Dash


Stickle Uphill club champs

The Stickle Uphill Race – Tuesday 3rd July 2018

The Man With The Hammer Awaits!

In a late change of plan, the eagerly awaited return of the club uphill champs race is upon us…


An uphill only, set course ‘time trial’ format for Club Championship points. Runners will set off in 1 minute intervals and race to the top of Pavey Ark via the Langdale race route (almost). Tricky parts of the route will be flagged


Starts at the Stickle Barn, Langdale


Arrive whenever suits, start times from 6.45pm to 7.30pm


Please bring full FRA kit. In the interests of fairness, everyone will be required to carry the same, dependent on the weather on the night. There will be a check before you set off


Club members or friends of the club aged 16 or over


Free as part of your membership of The Greatest Fell Running Club in the World

Queries or offers of help?   or   07540807775

I do need at least 1 person to walk up at 6ish and put a few flags out, then do times on the summit. Alternatively this job could be split between 2 (or more!) people. Any other volunteers could be based around the tarn as a halfway marshal.

The route:

Screen Shot 2017 04 07 at 05.40.51 570x373 Stickle Uphill club champs

Club Champs Leg 2 race results

Thanks to Jim E for typing up. Here they are.

Club champs Leg 1 race results – Seat Sandal

Sorry for the delay. Here they are.