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16th July – Rothay park, 5.30pm

29th July – Club champs, Steel Fell (please sign up so we can sort parking)

5th August – Rothay park, 5.30pm

26th August – Rothay park, 5.30pm

2nd Sept back to normal weekly training

If your child has a high temperature, new continuous cough, loss of taste or smell, they must not come. If they are feeling unwell I am relying on parents to make decisions that protect others in the club and the wider community!

Please arrive at Rothay park (we will be inside on the right not by the gate) ready for a prompt 5.30pm depart, maintain social distancing and children 12yrs + must have a face mask in their bumbag. All children as always must bring a bumbag containing a waterproof jacket, trousers, hat and gloves! Please get your child to sanitise their hands and register, this is our track and trace register, thank you.

Parents please collect your child from the park  ensuring that their coach knows they have been collected.




SEPTEMBER 12TH = IRLAM (Peak District), enter here

It has been confirmed that there are to be only 4 English champs races this year with best 3 to count. 4 for a hoodie, 3 for a T shirt if you are an FRA member


Sun 26th Sept – English Schools Fell running champs (Yr7+) – Sedbergh



DSC9660 622x415 News

WOW what a fantastic turn out, 24 runners took the long trek to the Peak District and several English champs first timers!! It was a stacked field on  a tough course and you all shone!!

DSC9808 622x415 News

First up and new to the champs Kit and Indy! Bam💥 2 podium places!!!!

U11B Bam💥 Joe and Magnus 2 podium places!!!!

U17B Bam💥 Charlie and Harry 2 podium places!!!!

Rosie, Kitty,Emma, Jude, all  champs first timers but stunning performances on a hard course!

DSC9999 285x190 NewsDSC9797 285x190 NewsDSC9944 285x190 News







Zeke, Cara narrowly missing out on podium places! Every single one of you ran your very best for the team, you showed resilience and talent and the camaraderie amongst the team was the best!!

DSC9662 622x415 News

We are such a strong team because of all of you, we have been knocked into 2nd overall with 1 race to go, get entering!!!!

DSC9868 285x190 NewsDSC9872 285x190 News




Bradwell Results




Bradwell Photos







Up The Nab

DSC9186 622x415 News

It was a trip to Glossop in the Peak District for the 2nd race in the English Champs, where roasting temperatures and fast racing greeted our runners. Ambleside AC turned out in force and survived the heat by making camp next to the ice cream van and having a team watering can for our post race cool down!

DSC9278 190x285 News




Watch out all you other clubs…

DSC9232 190x285 News
DSC9351 190x285 News




…here comes Ambleside!!!





This race also counted as the British Inter Counties Fell Running Championship for U15, U17 and U19s. Congratulations to Josh, Charlie, Harry, Sophie and Chloe who earned their Cumbria vests and represented their county. A massive well done to Charlie who became British Champion and led his team to a team gold medal for Cumbria. Also to Sophie in the U17 girls who won a team silver medal and Chloe who was British Silver Medalist.

DSC9455 622x415 News

Looking forward to Bradwell for the next round. We are still leading the table (just!) and hoping for a good turnout to try to retain our title.

Up The Nab Results

Up The Nab Photos


West Nab

DSC8948 622x415 News

It was so good to see so many of you back to racing at the first English Champs race of the season. Summer arrived with a bang, making for some hot racing in uncomfortable temperatures and you did the club proud.

DSC9012 415x622 News



Especially well done to those of you who stepped up to their first race in the English Champs series. It’s much like any other race with the same friendly vibe as our local events but with the chance to run some new trails and make some new friends. Thank you to all the parents who gave up their day to drive to the village of Meltham and shout encouragement to our team – none of this could happen without you.



From young to old your performances were outstanding resulting in 4 podium places and in the U11 boys we took 3 of the top 6 spots – fantastic!

DSC9074 622x622 News

DSC8950 415x622 News




Keep on training – you are stars in the making. Regular, consistent running is the key to success so just get out in the sun with your friends and enjoy the fells. You’ll be surprised how fast it makes you!


Our next race is Up The Nab and it would be great to see some more of you giving it a go.





West Nab Photos

West Nab Results



First Club Champs of 2021 Rothay Park Loops

10 years ago Ambleside juniors started with 7 runners. We are now 60 strong, English Champions and we are back!!

The first lung and leg busting club race was a bit of a shock to the system so we celebrated with cake!!

Well done to all of you who got those first points on the board (results under the club champs tab).


%name News DSC4293 622x415 News


What fantastic evenings for fun on the fells!

IMG 20201015 180921 622x467 News IMG 20201015 180934 622x467 News


What a fantastic few weeks back on the fells! Happy, smiling faces charging around the summits and tarns, team squealer in full voice. It’s good to be back!!!

IMG 2673 622x415 News



NO RACING, but some of you have been busy finding the cache, helping to send the red flag county wide and testing your skills on the orienteering courses round Ambleside and Kendal. BUT NOW

IMG 2355 467x622 News



AAC Juniors: Summer 2020 Skyline Challenge 

Something for everyone (check your emails or the tab for latest news)

Complete 10 for the Half Skyline award and all 20 for the Full

Please send in your efforts so we can see what you have all been up to!





DSC6705 622x415 News

Cautley ranks right up there with Barbon in the best / worst fell races you could ever think of doing as a junior. Those of you who were brave (daft) enough to give it a go can count yourselves as true fell runners – well done!

DSC6870 622x415 NewsNext up is Elterwater – home turf! Could there be any better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than standing on a windy fell side waiting to find out if any children will actually return from the clag? Extra Kudos for any juniors who clean there own muddy fell shoes so Mum doesn’t have to (or at least says thanks!).

DSC6820 415x622 News














Cautley Results

Cautley Photos





DSC6427 622x415 News

At last a weekend with no storms and the racing was GO!!, and finally Joss could get his first KWL under his belt!

DSC6367 622x415 News

Don’t forget only 4 races to count now (5 for seniors) with 3 left in the series, lots of you are up for some prizes!

DSC6284 622x415 News

Cunswick results

Overall results

Cunswick Photos



A brave few took on the weather on a very wet and windy morning, SLIPPERY!!

Birkrigg results



DSC5477 622x415 News

A fantastic turn out to the first club champs of the year, the older you were the steeper and boggier the route. Massive thank you to Dan who sums it up brilliantly

DSC5413 415x622 News



Don’t be put off when you train

by the winter’s wind, snow and rain,

For if you prevail, through the mud and the hail,

The toughness of champions you’ll gain !!








So, just keep running regularly and having fun with your mates and you will be able to go faster and further with a bigger smile.

DSC5507 415x622 News

Whitestones Results

Whitestones Photos


Giggleswick School

DSC5158 622x415 News

MUDFEST!!                    WATER JUMP!!

DSC5245 622x415 News

DSC5222 622x415 News

DSC5215 622x415 News Guess who?

DSC5334 622x415 NewsThe pictures and the washing pile tell the tale! Well done to all who slipped and splashed their way round this fast x country route.

DSC5268 622x415 News

Giggleswick Results

Giggleswick Photos


Scout Scar

DSC4918 622x350 News

Here We go again!! Fantastic turn out to the first race of the KWL, what better way to spend a breezy, damp Sunday than making friends, battling the weather and battling your mates!

DSC4971 622x415 NewsDSC4987 622x415 News

Well done to first timers Magnus and Freddie and to those of you who had to move up with the big kids, including Maesie, Sophie and Charlie into U17 and Chloe to U21! Not fazed one bit: 2 wins, a 2nd and 3rd AWESOME!

DSC5123 622x415 News

Scout Scar Results

Scout Scar Photos


Sunday training

Making the most of the clag with some nav work off red screes!IMG 2089 e1574928025798 214x285 News



British Liverpool Cross Challenge xc

IMG 2087 e1574927579704 214x285 News


A small group faced the fast and furious flatlands of Sefton Park. Phenomenal running saw Harvey into 4th place only a few seconds off the podium, AMAZING!






Arnside Knott

DSC4544 622x415 News

What a fantastic way to end the season!! 27 blue and green vests tearing up the fell and tearing down again!

DSC4521 285x190 NewsDSC4460 285x190 NewsDSC4480 285x190 News







The limestone was slippery in the mizzle but that did not stop any of you, 10 podium finishers!! didn’t leave much for the other clubs! Go Ambleside the best running club in the world!!!

DSC4417 622x415 NewsDSC4492 622x415 NewsDSC4668 622x415 News

Arnside Knott Results

Arnside Knott Photos


Sunday Training

Now that the clocks have changed we are staying

on the fells a bit longer by training on a Sunday morning. Awesome autumn fun with friends. There are loads of groups like this careering round Todd Crag so may not be the best place for your quiet Sunday stroll!


Summer training Fun

IMG 20190801 180405 resized 20190815 075626269 622x467 News


IMG 1529 441x622 News




IMG 1453 2 622x467 News








Up the Nab

DSC2545 622x415 News

With everything to play for a small but strong team set off to the slopes of the Nab for final English Champs race. With the sun blazing Joe G blasted onto the podium in the U9s, Harvey and Tom 1st and 3rd in the U11s, things were looking great. The course was hot, hilly with a rough 90 degree turn to the uphill finish. We waited to see your silhouettes come onto the skyline before storming to the finish, Riley taking 3 on the uphill sprint finish! Everyone giving their all AND you did it. English Champions!!

DSC2496 622x415 NewsDSC2583 622x415 News

A phenomenal result, congratulations to every single one of you who has turned out for the team. Massive thank you to all the parents/grandmas who have driven to these far flung races. The best club in the world!!

DSC2596 622x415 NewsDSC2622 622x415 News

Up the Nab results

Overall results

Up The Nab Photos


Clougha Pike

Hot, Hot, hot!! Pre and post race water over the head was essential for all of you who tackled the rough farmland loops. But what a fantastic turnout!

IMG 1449 2 622x467 News

Our biggest U9 team yet!

DSC1967 285x190 NewsDSC2139 285x190 NewsDSC2153 285x190 News



Freddie, Josh and Alfie’s first race!

DSC1987 622x415 News

Freya’s first podium position!

DSC2026 285x190 NewsDSC2061 285x190 News



Harvey & Tom taking gold and bronze!





An unstoppable U15B train, Charlie, James, Thomas, Harry 1,2,3,4!

DSC2244 622x415 News

Every Amblesider running their legs off!


We are still winning the English champs with 1 race to go!!!

DSC2098 622x415 News

7th July Up the Nab, we need you all, we can do this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC1991 622x415 News

Clougha Pike results

Clougha Pike race photos


Coniston Gullies

A club champs not for the fainthearted! The clag was down to obscure the turns and the pouring rain made it treacherous underfoot, A steep rocky sheep trod, slippery mud and a sprint finish you certainly deserve your points! Undeterred by this gnarly course, you all made it up and down in 1 piece, the blue and green fearless machine!!

IMG 1347 622x415 News

Coniston results 


Sedbergh English Champs

DSC1532 622x415 News

What a monumental success for our little club at the Sedbergh English Champs race! We are so proud of all of you who Screenshot 2019 05 29 at 22.56.47 285x203 Newsraced – 24 runners at a Champs race must be some kind of record and it showed! We are now top of the table with just 2 races to go – how exciting is that?! Don’t be thinking it’s only the people who win that count, those of you who come just a little further back push back the runners from the other clubs just one place each and it all makes a difference. It was a fantastic team effort – well done, you are all amazing!

DSC1838 622x415 News

But it was so steep, wasn’t it? Some of you chose this as your first race – respect!DSC1551 285x190 News (Mad fools!) For the U9’s it was a heart-pounding dash up through the farmer’s fields to the fell wall and then tearing back to the finish at breakneck speed. Well done to Freya, Isobel, Joss, Joe Gardiner, Magnus and Joe Green (fantastic 3rd place for Joe Green!). It’s likely that somebody you raced there will be a world champion one day, it might even be you!

DSC1587 285x190 News


The U11 race went way up onto the fell and what a result for Harvey (2nd), Ruby (4th) and Tom (4th) with Zeke, Cara and Rosie following quickly behind. 6 runners in the top 10 – that’s the 10 fastest fell runners in England by the way,  phenomenal!


DSC1679 622x415 NewsWhat can we say about Rowan’s descent in the U13 race – WOW! Kilian would have struggled to keep up! Fast Freddie Dixon wasn’t so far behind with Emma and Leah chomping at his heels.

DSC1691 622x415 News

The U15 boys team is a dominating force in fell running nationally at the moment. Charlie marked his return to form with an emphatic win, closely followed by James B (2nd) Thomas (5th) and Harry B (6th) – that’s 4 of the top 6 places in the country taken up by Ambleside runners! Sophie dropped like a stone on the descent for 8th place as our only U15 girl and William beat a lot of strong runners to take 25th.

DSC1741 622x415 News

Chloe and Daniel were our only 2 in the U17 race and stormed home in 2nd and 6th place, respectively. A really big round of applause to all of you who turned out for the club and of course the parents who made it all possible, trekked up the hill (several times in some cases) and showed why Ambleside AC is the best club in the world.

Sedbergh Results

Sedbergh Photos



DSC1300 622x415 News

Round 3 of the English Champs was a bit of a trek down to Mytholmroyd but those of you who made the effort certainly shone in the bank holiday sunshine.

DSC1184 622x415 News

There were great wins for and Harvey and Thomas – well done. We are second on the English Champs table so all to race for in the final 3 races.

DSC1260 622x415 News

Congratulations to Isabel who ran her first race in an Ambleside vest – you did really well and that vest looks sooooooo good!

DSC1165 622x415 News

DSC1231 622x415 News

Coiners Photos

Coiners Fell Race Results


Wansfell Uphill Only Club Champs

What a fantastic night for racing up hill, sunshine and a light breeze and a bunch of energetic post school kids, perfect! Tough routes for all age groups, U9 + U11 the bridge, U13 the wall and U15 + U17 the top! (Tough for the marshals to be in place before the speedy kids). Amazing sprint finishes despite the leg burning, lung busting climbs! Well done to you all, valuable points collected in the club champs.


Arant Haw

DSC1112 622x415 News

Arant Haw marks the end of the Kendal Winter League prize giving and celebration. As there are no points awarded for this race people often run in fancy dress and there’s a lot more chatting with friends from other clubs than actual racing goes on.

DSC1085 622x415 News

For any of you who completed the Kendal Winter League series but couldn’t attend the prize giving, Niki has your prizes and they will be given out at training this Thursday.

DSC0986 622x415 News

Arant Haw Photos

Kendal Winter League Results



DSC0859 622x415 News

The 2nd round of the English Champs was Kettlewell, Yorkshire and it was a fantastic course with steep ups, glorious scenery and superfast downs. It was great to see so many Amblesiders racing for the club and doing SO well – congratulations to everyone who raced, you were fantastic!

DSC0884 622x415 News

The next round is Coiners on 6th May when we will continue our campaign to prove we are the best club in the world! There will be quite a few of us who will be travelling down so come and join us – it’s another course with a great descent.

DSC0872 622x415 NewsKettlewell Photos

Kettlewell results


Todd Crag

DSC0459 622x415 News

What a way to spend a sunny evening!! Fantastic routes, lung busting climbs, leg burning descents, chocolate prizes and a shaving foam start line, what more could you want from a race?!

DSC0428 622x415 News

2019 Todd Crag Race Results

Todd Crag Photos


Clough Head

DSC0355 622x415 News

The 1st English Champs race, steep climbs, tricky descents on the slopes of Threlkeld Knott. 300 runners took part from all over the country and we are 3rd overall, just 3 points behind the joint leaders! A fantastic opener, lets keep up the pressure at Kettlewell!!

DSC0394 622x415 News

Clough Head results


Eggy Fun On The Fells! – Easter Egg orienteering (of course!)

– thanks to Dan Duxbury for the photos

IMG 1135 622x432 News

IMG 1130 622x466 News

IMG 1129 285x177 News





IMG 1131 285x214 News







IMG 1132 285x214 News







IMG 1133 285x178 News






IMG 1134 285x214 News







IMG 1136 285x214 News






IMG 1137 285x214 News







IMG 1138 285x214 News









Helm Hill

DSC0337 622x415 NewsThe penultimate KWL race saw you battling the headwinds, and each other every which way over the Helm. Having had Cautley cancelled the rules now are 4 races for a T shirt but you still need 5 races for your champs points. Several of you working hard for podium places with only Elterwater to go!

DSC0242 622x415 NewsDSC0196 415x622 News

Helm Hill Results

Helm Hill Photos


Cunswick Scar

DSC9700 622x415 News

An amazing sight to see on a blustery February day, 26 blue and green vests blazing around the fast undulating slopes of Cunswick Scar. Tough decisions pre race on how many layers to wear or not to wear! 9 Podium finishers! and every single one of you doing yourselves proud! Keep battling, several of you are fighting crucial final podium points with 3 races to go in the series. All of you make sure you’ve done 5 races for a prize.

DSC9839 622x415 News

DSC9709 622x415 News

DSC9776 622x415 News

Cunswick Results

Cunswick Photos



DSC9335 622x350 News

What a fantastic day for running – glorious sun & no wind. It was shorts and vest tops for the first time for many of you but judging by the collapsed bodies on the finish line it may have been a bit of a shock to the system to actually feel warm in February!

DSC9331 622x415 News

For those of you who have been turning up week in, week out to race the KWL, you will feel the stamina in the summer races from this consistency so keep it up. It is a sport that rewards those people who just keep at it, so don’t worry if a particular race hasn’t gone how you wanted it to – just keep enjoying your running and getting out there, the rest will follow.

DSC9442 285x190 News





DSC9428 285x190 News







DSC9448 285x190 News






DSC9454 285x190 News


Sedbergh Results

Sedbergh Photos





DSC8853 622x415 News

Congratulations to everyone who raced at Longsleddale, especially those of you who chose this as your first race – well done!

DSC8916 622x415 News

We had 8 podium finishers, which is absolutely incredible, and some fantastic performances no matter where you finished. Special mention has to go to James B, Harry B and Thomas B who took 1st, 2nd and 3rd for a clean sweep in the U15 boys’ race! It was a really impressive performance and you all looked so strong – the other clubs will be wondering how they’ll stand a chance for the English Champs races.

DSC9052 285x190 NewsDSC9065 285x190 News

DSC9070 285x190 News



Longsleddale Results

Longsleddale Photos





DSC8758 498x622 News

Barbon – the race that eats its young! It is the best and worst race on the calendar. There’s nothing else like it and everyone who wants to call themselves a fell runner should experience it at least once in their life. It is epic in every way. Huge respect to those of you who braved the mountain and lived to tell the tale. All other races will now seem flat.

DSC8739 228x285 News









DSC8746 228x285 News









DSC8762 190x285 News









Barbondale Results

Barbondale Photos


Northern Schools Inter Counties XC

DSC8081 622x415 News

Well done to Rowan, Freddie, James, Harry, Thomas, Sophie, Daniel and Chloe who ran for Cumbria at the Northern Schools Inter Counties XC. Congratulations to those of you who qualified for the English Schools XC in March.

DSC8103 622x415 News

DSC8538 622x415 News

Northern Schools Inter Counties XC Results

Northern Schools Inter Counties XC Photos



DSC7898 622x415 News

Wow, that wind was something else! Each of these Kendal Winter League races presents it’s own challenge and this one was definitely learning the art of running against a gale force wind.

DSC7982 622x415 News

You all did so well! Seeing you all overcoming the elements and running headlong down a steep hill with tears from the wind streaming down your faces was inspirational. If you found it tough out there, it’s ok – everybody did and it makes the days when the sun is shining and everything is easy seem so much better.

DSC7974 285x190 News



Keep at it everyone, we have a great team and it’s so good to see you all progressing.

DSC7985 285x190 NewsDSC7955 285x190 News



Just keep running and having fun – the rest will follow!



DSC7973 622x415 News

Birkrigg Photos

Birkrigg results



DSC7758 622x415 News

Whitestones is a great course if you like it steep, narrow, slippery and a bit rocky. Looks like you did as you were all amazing!

DSC7795 190x285 NewsDSC7788 190x285 NewsDSC7709 190x285 News

DSC7826 622x415 News

Whitestones Photos

whitestones results


DSC7575 622x415 News

High wind and horizontal rain greeted you for the 2nd Kendal Winter League race over the fast-paced x-country course and the notorious stream crossing of Giggleswick School. A variety of river crossing techniques were employed including the stop’n plop, the leap of faith, the face plant and the (not to be recommended) hesitant indecision. We hope you have managed to get the mud out of your ears, but don’t try too hard, it’ll only come back next weekend!

DSC7623 285x190 NewsDSC7628 285x190 NewsDSC7629 285x190 News






Giggleswick Photos

Giggleswick results


Clough Head

Oh my word, how hard core are you! The maelstrom didn’t stop you awesome lot. I think William said it all as he ran head first into the bracing wind and rain “this is the hardest race I’ve ever done”. But you all did it, the race in the spring will seem like a stroll up a grassy knoll in comparison!

Clough head results


Scout Scar

DSC7525 622x415 News

You know it must be the start of a new year and the KWL when rows of juniors can be seen lined up on a muddy fell side in the clag!

DSC7422 622x303 News

A fantastic turn out by the blue and greens with several 1st timers giving it their all. Well done to you all, stick at it and you will reap the rewards! Don’t forget to keep your number for the whole series, 5 races means a prize! (Sorry adults 7 for you).

DSC7479 285x190 News

DSC7508 285x190 NewsDSC7499 285x190 News







Scout Scar Results

Scout Scar Photos





Arnside Knott Fell race

DSC6932 622x415 News

Arnside has a reputation for delivering fantastic weather when we go to race there and this year was no exception – fantastic racing conditions and the views from up on the course are stunning. There was a swarm of blue and green vests on the fell with so many of you turning out to fight for those all important club championship points for our last race of the season.

DSC6951 622x415 News

DSC6816 285x190 News


Congratulations to everyone who took part, especially those of you who used it to complete your 6 champs races for the year and claim your end of year prize.

DSC6804 285x190 NewsDSC6853 285x190 News


For some of you this was your first race and we hope you enjoyed it. Racing as part of the Ambleside team helps to make friendships that last a lifetime so be sure to come again – it gets better every time!

DSC6882 622x415 News

Arnside Knott Results

Arnside Knott Photos


Winter Training

Sunday training sessions are now in full swing and we’ve been having some great fun in the less than great conditions.

IMG 1226 622x467 News

If you can run in the wind and rain of the Lake District you can run anywhere and, as Holly showed, if you can run in your Mum’s 3-sizes-too-big shoes you can run in anything!

IMG 1229 622x467 News

So, keep getting out whatever the weather – it makes you a better runner, honest!

IMG 2407 622x622 News


English schools fell running championship

Congratulations to all our runners who ran in a variety of coloured vests in the sunshine on Sunday. It was a tough course with stream crossings, steep ascents and slippy descents but you were amazing. Silver medals to Rowan, James B and Chloe, team medals to Cal, Emma, Harry B, Jack and Sophie. 20 of you ran your legs off and did yourselves proud.

42452018 10213995023212814 3386490075473772544 n 285x214 News42361289 1711759282267572 2923256480842907648 o 285x191 News6D292738 0AF7 B694 99015136C83415AF 285x203 NewsDSC 8900 285x189 News6D262596 E59F 49BB 5892F9D00B93FF30 285x190 News




























Junior Home International / British & Irish Junior Mountain Running Championships

DSC6449 622x415 News

Huge congratulations to our international athletes, Chloe and Daniel, who represented England at theJunior Home International / British & Irish Junior Mountain Running Championships in Glendalough, Ireland. What an opportunity for both of you and just reward for all your hard work and training this year. The girls won team bronze and the boys team silver – well done!!!

DSC6264 190x285 NewsDSC6229 190x285 NewsDSC6278 190x285 NewsDSC6294 190x285 News

DSC6444 622x415 News


High Sweden bridge downhill only race

What a fantastic sight to see, 31 runners hurtling down routes from high Sweden bridge to Low! Battles and skids across the finish line with smiles on their faces! Well done to all of you who tackled the fast, thigh burning descent!


41223401 2068135526530330 3918670973380853760 o 622x373 News


Summer Training

Everything goes a bit haywire during the summer holidays as coaches and kids are away intermittently. It does give us the chance to explore some of the areas around Ambleside that have fantastic trails but which we don’t normally get to without a car. The website too doesn’t see so much love and attention after the excitement of the English Champs has passed but we know many of you have been enjoying the BOFRA races and country fairs with great success so well done to everyone who has kept running, however you have chosen to enjoy it. Here are a few photos from our club runs…


IMG 0918 2 622x350 News IMG 0906 2 285x285 News IMG 0907 2 214x285 News IMG 0908 2 622x467 NewsIMG 0913 2 622x622 News



Up the Nab – the last English champs race + British Inter Counties junior fell race

DSC6154 622x415 News

On a scorching hot day 8 of you travelled to the edge of the peak district to fight for the last few points in the English Champs. Doused with water and trying to keep the suncream out of your eyes, you tackled the tough steep climbs and fast lengthy descents. In the U17 race Chloe and Daniel had been selected to run for Cumbria and all of you were truly awesome.

DSC6196 285x190 News


As a small little club we have come 2nd overall!!

Chloe is English U17G champion and British Inter counties champion!

DSC6132 285x190 News



Rowan is English U13B bronze medallist!

Charlie pipped into 4th in the U15B!

Chloe helped Cumbria get U17G team bronze and Daniel U17B team silver

DSC6126 285x190 News



Harvey has completed all 6 races showing drive and determination in his 1st year of running! meaning he will get a rare and exclusive English champs hoody


Up The Nab results

Up The Nab Photos



Clougha Pike – the penultimate English Champs race

DSC5919 622x415 News

A hardy bunch faced the rain, wind and knee high grass of Clougha Pike. Rough farmland and tricky wooded routes meant an inner toughness was required even to line up at the start line. Congratulations to our podium finishers Chloe and Harvey, and all team Ambleside for some amazing racing and breath taking sprint finishes!

DSC5875 622x415 News

Also a big thank you to all the parent supporters who stood out for hours in that atrocious weather, you are as hard core as the kids!

DSC5982 622x415 News

Clougha Pike Photos


West Nab – Race 4 of English Championship

DSC5730 190x285 News


An awesome select few undertook the journey to West Nab on the moors near Huddersfield. A scorching day saw you weave through the Bilbury bushes on narrow single track up some killer hills onto the moor and back. Maximising overtaking opportunities was the order of the day and you guys did just that. Podium places for Rowan – 2nd, Charlie 3rd and a special congratulations to Chloe who had a tremendous battle into 1st place! She is now the U17English Champ and qualifies to run for England in the Home International in Ireland!!!

DSC5796 622x415 News

As a team we have broken clear of Wharfedale into a clear second place, and we are gaining on Rossendale. We eagerly await the tables update after this weekends fantastic racing. WELL DONE TEAM AMBLESIDE!!!!

DSC5833 415x622 News

West Nab Results

West Nab Photos


Malham Fell Race – FRA English Championship: Race 3

DSC5441 622x415 News

Great weather, great racing and great performances from all of you!

DSC5457 622x415 News

Well done to all who took part – you are all superstars!

DSC5504 622x415 News

Malham Fell Race Results 2018

Malham Photos


Blacko Fell Race – FRA English Championship: Race 2

DSC5280 415x622 News

After our success at the first English Championship race at Todd Crag, hopes were high as we headed to Lancashire for the second round of the series at Blacko. We had a smaller turnout but some fine performances over very different terrain to our lakeland fells. In place of technical trails and steep ascents we had fields of bog, stiles and long courses to contend with.

Particular mention has to go to Harvey who had a stunning race in the U11B. He led all the way from the start to the finish field and the race was so close that a slip on the final corner cost him the win and he finished a very close 2nd place. That’s the nature of racing at a National level and it can be cruel sometimes, but what a performance – congratulations, Harvey!

DSC5362 415x622 News

Blacko Fell Race Results

Blacko Fell Race Photos



The last race of the Kendal Winter League saw some fantastic results. Due to the cancellation of Cunswick best 4 races (6 for seniors) to count.

Elterwater results


Todd Crag Junior Fell Race – FRA English Championship: Race 1

DSC4900 622x415 News

The clocks changed to herald the start of spring and the weather did not disappoint. A glorious day for the first race of the English Junior Fell Champs.

DSC4495 622x415 News

DSC4633 285x190 News


360 runners over 6 races tackled the brutal hill before going over the stile to the technical fell section up to Lily Tarn and beyond.

DSC4888 285x190 NewsDSC5100 285x190 News


I hope you looked up at least once to enjoy the stupendous views before the breakneck descent into the park and the cheering crowds.



Thank you to all our helpers – without you we could not hold these events. You are amazing!

DSC4234 622x415 News

We had podium finishes for Rowan 3rd (U13B), Charlie 2nd and James 3rd (U15B) and Chloe 1st (U17G). Everyone who took part put in fantastic performances. You were racing the best of the best and we showed the rest of the country how good our little club is.DSC5269 622x415 News

Todd Crag Results

Todd Crag Photos


British Inter Counties XC Championships

Congratulations to James, Harry, Sophie, Daniel, Chloe, Holly, Luke and Hannah who represented Cumbria at the (muddiest ever!) British Inter Counties XC Championships down at Prestwold Hall in Loughborough. 8 county standard runners in a little club like ours is pretty impressive and you all did brilliantly!



DSC3720 622x415 News

The “beast from the east” may have been tamed but its effects were certainly still visible! Sleet and snow showers, frozen ground meant that your inner toughness had to be reached for, you found it!! Fantastic racing by all of you.

DSC3906 622x415 News

DSC3884 190x285 NewsDSC3909 190x285 News



Cunswick results

Overall results so far

Cunswick Photos






Beautiful sunshine, frozen ground and no water jump = perfect days racing!

Sedbergh results



DSC3416 622x415 News

For those of you that like it muddy this was the race for you! A lung busting ascent right from the start, followed by a frantic grassy descent into the finish funnel hidden from view. Some of you seemed to race toward the cake stall veering to the finish with the frenzied yelling from your parents and Tom in his throne with the perfect vantage point.  Good luck cleaning the shoes, I’m sure its the kids turn!  Well done to all of you who kept smiling in challenging conditions, coaches included!!

DSC3475 622x415 News
DSC3528 622x415 News

DSC3496 285x190 NewsDSC3508 285x190 NewsDSC3536 285x190 News




Longsleddale results

Longsleddale photos




DSC3243 622x415 News

Now Barbon is steep, seriously steep. And today it had a river running down it… and it was snowing! So anyone who turned up had to be tough – and you were. What a proud group of parents and coaches there was standing on the side of a muddy fell in the middle of nowhere watching you all tear up and down the hillside.

DSC3259 622x415 News

There were fantastic performances, some for pure speed, some for bravery on the terrifying descent and some for sheer guts and determination. Every one worthwhile and a joy to watch. Anyone who raced here today can truly call themselves a fell runner.

DSC3333 190x285 NewsDSC3350 190x285 News




Barbon Results

Barbon Photos






DSC2895 622x350 News

A beautiful frosty,sunny morning for a short, sharp up and down, definitely one for the speed demons amongst you! The first decision was to decide which route to take out of the quarry before digging in for the climb. A quick turn around the cairn before letting those legs fly! Fantastic to see some of you new members regularly getting out there each week, your grit and determination will pay off, keep up the hard work!

DSC3068 622x415 News

DSC3010 622x415 News

DSC3198 622x415 News

Birkrigg Results

Birkrigg Photos


Northern Schools Inter County Cross Country

DSC2834 622x415 News

Well done to all of you who braved the snow and mud at Barnard Castle to represent your county at the Northern Schools. Harry, James, Sophie, Holly, Chloe, Luke and Hannah had been picked by the county selectors and showed some great performances to help Cumbria win some trophies. If you finished in the top 5 Cumbrians you will be selected for the National Final in March and a further 3 to make up a team of 8 at the selectors discretion.



DSC2768 622x415 News

A fantastic sea of blue and green vests for the 1st club champs race of the year! A fast start across the bracken to the slippery steep ascent and muddy descent, let the thighs burn and hope you tied your laces tight. An awesome days running with 2 firsts, 3 thirds and 25 finishers. Well done everyone!

DSC2612 622x415 News

DSC2629 285x190 NewsDSC2664 190x285 NewsDSC2735 285x190 News






Whitestones results

Whitestones Photos



DSC2478 622x415 News

Only the brave, or could it be mad, tackled the full arctic conditions at Giggleswick! You endured snow/sleet/hail and every other form of winter precipitation going! I hope your toes, and lets be honest every other part of you, has defrosted after a hard core race and water jump. What a race to pick as your 1st one, well done Daisy, keep up that determination!

DSC2401 622x415 News

Also well done to Claire for finishing her first senior fell race, surely it can only get better after that, I hope Seren ran you a lovely toe thawing bath!

DSC2520 622x415 News

Next weeks Whitestones race is the 1st race in this years club Champs, get some points on the board!!

Giggleswick Results

Giggleswick Photos


Scout Scar

DSC2086 622x272 News

A glorious frosty morning tempted 30 of our juniors out to the first race of the Kendal Winter League. Some of you had to move up to new age groups but this didn’t seem to phase you at all, with Daniel and Chloe winning the U17s and Sophie and Holly 1st and 2nd in the U15Gs! A particular well done to Frankie who had a very last minute age change and still held his own over the bigger distance. In the U13s some awesome finish line battles between Cal and Rowan and Harvey and Richard made for some exciting spectating.Well done to all you first timers too, it is a tough age group to run in and will stand you in good form in the FRA smaller age groups. Keep up the fantastic running!!

DSC2197 622x415 News

DSC2265 285x190 NewsDSC2205 285x190 NewsDSC2063 285x190 News

DSC2077 622x415 NewsScout Scar Results

Scout Scar Fell Race Photos





Arnside Knott


DSC1663 622x415 News

DSC1482 285x190 News


The final fell race of our club championships did not disappoint! A fantastic turnout of seasoned runners and new faces alike, 37 runners!!.

DSC1496 285x190 NewsDSC1494 285x190 News


A cold and crispy day perfect for tackling the wooded climbs and fast descents of the course,but tricky to know how many layers to wear. The first race was awash with a sea of blue and green vests and was the start of some amazing results.


A clean sweep of the U9 boys and U11 girls podium places,1st in U9G,U11B, U15G, 2nd in U13G and 3rds in U11B, U15G, U17B and Luke won the seniors race outright!! What a days racing!

DSC1625 622x415 News

DSC1688 622x415 News

Arnside Knott Results

Arnside Knott Photos


X-Country has started!

DSC1313 622x415 News

When we find ourselves standing in a wet and windy field wondering where the summer went it must be x-country season! Just 3 of you turned out for some autumn speed training in the first Cumbria League race at Cockermouth (although there were a couple of Bowens in strange green and red vests as well!) Congratulations to all of you, the consistent training will pay off over time.

DSC1286 285x190 News

DSC1309 285x190 News













Orton Fell Race

A fantastic turn out of our younger runners, and some amazing results!

Orton results






DSC0580 622x415 NewsCongratulations to Chloe who was crowned English Champion at the FRA presentation on Saturday. Congratulations also to Harry B for his silver medal and Sophie for her bronze medal. Such a fantastic achievement for all of you!!!

As a club we finished 5th, which is fantastic for such a small club. We didn’t have many go to the first race as it clashed with the English Nationals x-country final and it really affected how we did. If we had done as well in that race as all the others, we would have been English Champions as a club. There’s a thought for next year! It’s not just about the few at the top but a team effort and we really can can win this title!

DSC0575 285x190 NewsDSC0573 285x190 NewsDSC0570 285x190 News








Langdale Gala

DSC0140 415x622 News

DSC0343 190x285 NewsA fantastic turnout at the traditional lakeland fair, though I am surprised how you ran the fell race with such success after all the sac, egg and spoon and flat races! It must have been all the sugar from the winnings!

DSC0403 190x285 News

2 new course records from Tom and Rowan, 6 winners and podium finishers in all junior categories.

Congratulations to Harvey for his 3rd U9 place having only joined the club a few weeks ago!



Langdale Gala Results

Langdale Gala Photos


The Helm

DSC9907 190x285 News



The BOFRA Helm races are short, sharp and frantic. 8 of you battled through the  bracken via various routes to the ridge for a super fast descent to the finish funnel. Well done to everyone who took part.



DSC9910 190x285 News





The Helm results

The Helm Photos






DSC9561 622x415 News

The final English Champs race was not only tough for the runners but also extreme parking conditions had to be tackled before the start! Drizzle/rain and mud made for tough running conditions but your enthusiasm and energy was not broken. In fact you were all awesome!! We won U9B, U11B, U13B, U15B, U15G!! and amazing performances from all!

DSC9615 190x285 NewsDSC9625 190x285 NewsDSC9634 190x285 News









Well done to Hannah, Ben and Luke who had been selected to run for Cumbria at the Inter Counties race also being held within the U17 and U19 races. They helped team Cumbria to win bronze in the U17G and gold in U19B!!

DSC9844 415x622 News

Thank you to all parents who risked being stuck in the field and Stu I am not sure your van will ever be clean!

DSC9768 190x285 News





Cowpe results

Cowpe photos




Gt Whernside Uphill only

DSC9509 570x380 News

After some torrential showers during registration the sun shone and the wind was behind you for some fantastic racing! The routes started at the bottom of the fell and rapidly ascended up the grass track, scramble and bog (depending on your age) to the trig point on the top of Gt. Whernside. Thank you to all parents who undertook the drive to Kettlewell our runners did us proud. Team Ambleside is now in joint 7th place out of 37 teams, with 1 race to go.

DSC9437 570x380 News

DSC9470 285x190 NewsDSC9457 285x190 NewsDSC9522 285x190 News




Gt Whernside Results

Gt Whernside Photos




DSC9370 570x380 News

The 4th English Champs and a very early start for a bank holiday! Fantastic to see so many Amblesiders making the trip with runners in all age groups. Lovely to see Izzie racing for the 1st time so far away from home. You all survived the man eating bog, though Luke did have to be pulled out by a passing spectator! All your efforts have been rewarded with the team now 7th out of 37 overall, with 2 races to go.

DSC9402 570x380 News

Coiners results

Coiners Photos


Arant Haw

The final race in the Kendal Winter League is always a relaxed affair as there are no points on offer. Not so many in fancy dress this year but plenty of fun to be had.

DSC9143 570x380 News

The presentation ceremony to celebrate the final standings at the end of the Kendal Winter League followed the race – congratulations to Daniel S, Chloe R, James B and Sophie R for winning their categories.

Arant Haw results

Arant Haw Photos


Anni Wa!

DSC9110 570x380 News

Wow! Stunning Weather, a stunning true fell course and stunning performances! Straight up from the start to the Catbells ridge! Along the ridge dodging the tourists admiring the view and fast descents to the finish funnel.

DSC9097 285x190 News

DSC9004 285x190 News

DSC9053 285x190 News







27 of you raced, and it was great to see some new faces on the English Champs circuit.  Of the 10 categories we had podium finishers in 7! with Rowan taking his 1st ever win in an English Championship race!

DSC8962 570x395 News

DSC8950 570x380 News

Anni Wa! Results 2017

Anni Wa! Photos 2017



Todd Crag

DSC8809 570x380 News

The lure of the chocci prizes tempted you all up the steep, technical banks of Todd Crag. People came from as far a field as Wales to race at the home of fell running. Some intense battles were won and lost both on the fell and on the sprint finish across the park, well done to everyone who took part.

Thank you to all who helped, without your support we couldn’t hold the event.

A particular thank you to  Lettie and the ladies serving tea and cake all evening we really appreciated it!!

Todd Crag 2017 results

Todd Crag Fell Race Photos 2017



elterwater copyright Steve Ashworth 16 570x380 NewsWell done to everyone who ran at the final Kendal Winter League counter at Elterwater.

Thanks to Steve Ashworth for the photos.

Elterwater results

Final Kendal Winter League Table

Elterwater photos


West Nab

DSC8413 570x380 News

Round 2 of the English Championship took us to West Nab, not far from Huddersfield. It was worth the drive as Ambleside runners were AWESOME!!!! The gauntlet was laid down by Tom A who stormed home in the U9B race with a commanding lead to take out the win. He was our only U9 racer but what an impact he made! Well done, Tom! Surely there are some more of you who want a bit of glory at a national level? There are so many of you who would do really well and the depth of our team is growing every year.

DSC8421 190x285 News


The pressure was on for all who followed and you replied in style!

Brother Rowan was also flying and a fantastic effort earned him 2nd place in the U11B race .

What a start to the day!

He was chased home by Jess of the unicorn leggings and Ellen of the amazing pink socks – great run girls!

DSC8467 190x285 News


Next up were the U13’s – fiercely contested because this is the age when you’re awarded points towards the national standings to crown the fastest boy, fastest girl and fastest team in England.

James B won emphatically and Harry B was 2nd for the boys. So impressive, both of you!

William D was doing so well but went for a little wander part way round and took in a few extra sights along the way with some friends.

DSC8506 285x190 NewsIn the U13G race  Sophie R had an epic battle with her friend Lauren from Buxton AC. If it wasn’t for these English Champs races they would never have met and it’s great to see the friends you make along the way.

She came in for an impressive 3rd place – well done!

DSC8520 285x190 News


Chloe R was our only runner for the U15’s and she had a cracking race to win by a country mile.

And what a hurdle of that fence before the stream crossing! Glad you made it!


DSC8529 190x285 NewsBen had a cracking run in the U17’s race, though he did seem to find a bog that not everyone came across. Everyone’s got a talent!DSC8580 190x285 News

U19 boys and girls ran separate races. Hannah D never ceases to impress and had a really strong run, even finding time for a little sit down in the stream on the way round (sorry Hannah!).


For the boys, Luke B had to line up with the U23’s and the seniors but didn’t look phased at all. Great run, Luke!

DSC8586 570x356 News

West Nab Photos

West Nab results


Yr 5/6/7 National Schools xc

Congratulations to all our runners who were selected to run for Cumbria. You tackled a  fast flat course on a sunny day with 300 runners per race with true determination! A massive well done to James B who is Yr 7b National Champion!!!


Cock Howe

DSC8321 570x380 News

Just 3 to represent the club at the first English Champs race over on the North York Moors and what a brutal course! It was a steep up straight out of the blocks with a long climb up onto the moor before a mad dash back to the finish field with the odd stile leap / gate hop to contend with at high speed.

DSC8367 570x380 News

Well done to Ellen, Chloe and Ben for making the journey over to the North East and congratulations to Chloe for your win.

DSC8337 570x380 News

Cock Howe Results

Cock Howe Photos



DSC8309 570x380 News

Only the toughest of the tough braved the storm in Longsleddale today. We had driving rain, howling wind, slippery rocks, bog and flooding rivers – fell running at its gnarly best! Well done to everyone who raced – consider yourselves officially awesome!

DSC8302 570x380 NewsDSC8307 570x380 News

Longsleddale Results

(Sorry, no other photos from Longsleddale)


English Schools XC Championships

Congratulations to Daniel, Chloe, Oli, Luke and Hannah for representing Cumbria at the English Schools XC Champs in Norfolk this weekend.


Helm Hill

DSC8189 570x380 News

Grit and determination were needed today to battle the many slopes of The Helm, especially those of you who had represented Cumbria the day before at the British Inter-counties. You guys had plenty! 2 races left, make sure you complete your 5!

DSC8158 570x380 News

Helm hill results

Helm Hill Photos



DSC7824 570x380 News

A return to the fells saw some awesome running, and falls, for the 2nd club championship race.You tackled the steep unforgiving terrain with cuts and bruises, 1 shoe and still could not be stopped! 29 of you braved the exhausting course with some outstanding performances; in the U15B Daniel led from start to finish, hitting the home straight as the 2nd runner started his descent! The U13B is a particularly hard fought race and Rowan has been making his mark every week! 9 Amblesiders in the top 20- FANTASTIC

DSC8045 570x380 News

Cautley results

Cautley Photos



DSC7766 570x380 News

The mud at Sedbergh was especially thick this year and those of you who braved it are the toughest of them all! A special mention has to go to all the parents who hosed down your shoes just so they could untie the laces before getting them cleaned and dried in time for your next adventure in bog trotting.

DSC7704 570x570 NewsWhen the rain came down, you kept running. When the wind howled, you kept running. And at the point of exhaustion on the last uphill to the finish line there were some amazing sprint finishes – inspirational!

DSC7721 285x190 NewsDSC7727 285x190 News








Sedbergh Results

Sedbergh Photos




English Nationals xc

Congratulations to Sophie, James, Harry, Chloe, Courtney and Luke who battled enormous numbers of runners and leg sapping bog lap after lap! You all performed brilliantly!!



DSC7540 2 570x380 News

DSC7494 228x285 NewsThe clag was down again for this week’s Kendal Winter League race at Cunswick and you raced through it with grit and determination. Well done to everyone who turned up to represent the club.

Welcome to Tilly who joined the club recently and came in as second Ambleside AC girl in the U13’s race – 9th overall.

We took all 3 podium places in the U13 boys race which is a fantastic result – what a team! There were brilliant performances from all of you who put in maximum effort, each and every one of you.

DSC7501 570x380 News

The next Winter League race is at Sedbergh School over their classic cross country course with the infamous water jump!

Cunswick Results

Cunswick Photos



A huge well done to those of you who tackled a fierce hill in fierce weather! If you can face a wild freezing wind, sleet and a ferocious hill you can do anything!!!

Barbondale results

KWL Positions table



DSC6873 570x380 News

DSC6869 190x285 News

WOW! 33 of you fantastic Ambleside runners faced the short sharp ascent and fast descent of Birkrigg to get some valuable championship points on the board. The fast course must have suited you as we had some amazing results:

Luke 1st U21M, Chloe 1st U15G, James 1st U13B, Ben 2nd U15B, Harry 2nd U13B, Sophie 2nd U13G!!!

A special congratulations to Charlie A who only joined the club on Thursday and then blasted into 3rd place on Sunday! and to Noa and Matthew for braving their 1st race!

DSC6932 285x190 News






DSC7006 285x190 News

DSC6980 285x190 News






Birkrigg results

Birkrigg photos



DSC6590 570x380 News

DSC6643 190x285 News


As the sleet cleared you lined up amongst the bracken to fight for your positions for the steep up and down. Not one for the faint hearted.

DSC6630 190x285 News


There were some fantastic efforts and brave descents – well done!



Congratulations to Hannah D who survived the freezing man eating bog to get 2nd LU21!


DSC6597 570x380 News

Whitestones results

Whitestones Photos


Northerns Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to Holly, Sophie, Harry, James, Chloe, Ben, Hannah, Oli and Luke who ran at the Northerns at Knowsley Safari Park on Saturday.

Northerns Results


Giggleswick School

DSC6320 570x380 News

Another great turnout for a fast cross country route, with the notorious stream jump! 13 of you raced the twists and turns around the undulating course and what style over the stream! Not only were the juniors amazing but look out for the photographic evidence of your coaches in action! That second lap is a killer!

DSC6283 570x380 News

DSC6374 570x380 News

Giggleswick results

Giggleswick Photos


Scout Scar

DSC5984 570x380 News

A fantastic 29 Amblesiders turned out at the 1st race in the KWL! The start lines stretched into the fog as you were tested on the rough limestone tracks and fought hard for your positions against the other athletes! Lovely to see Toby out in an Ambleside vest and a huge well done to Ben R for braving the start line of 100 runners! We had podium places in U13B, U13G, U15G,U21G. Keep it up you are AMAZING!

DSC6030 570x380 News

DSC6012 570x380 News

Scout Scar results

Scout Scar Photos


Cumbria XC Championship

Congratulations to all of you who faced the very flat xc course by the River Eden on Saturday. You were racing the best of the best and produced some fantastic results, with Luke, Oli, Hannah, Chloe, Ben, James, Harry and Sophie now going to represent Cumbria at the British Inter Counties!





Arnside Knott Fell Race

DSC5607 570x380 News

Glorious weather for the Arnside Knott Fell Race and a fantastic turnout from the club for our final race in the Club Championship. We had podium places in every category except 1 with wins for Tom A, Ruby, Cal, Jess, James B, Sophie and Chloe. Courtney had a big step up to the U16 age group and came back with a strong 2nd. Luke was racing in the U23 category, in the same race as the adults and beat almost all of them (including Jon) to finish 2nd in his category and a fantastic 5th overall.

DSC5534 570x380 News

DSC5626 570x380 News

DSC5498 570x380 News

Arnside Knott Fell Race Results

Arnside Knott Fell Race Photos


Cumbria XC League: Race 3 Keswick

DSC5463 570x380 News

The third round of the Cumbria XC League took place at Fitz Park in Keswick. It was great to see Seren turn out for her first race, well done! And well done to Sophie for her 3rd win, which means she will win the series.

DSC5413 570x380 News

DSC5417 570x380 News

DSC5482 570x380 News


Cumbria XC League: Race 2 Penrith

The Cumbria XC League rolls on with another fast paced race around the fields of Penrith. It’s a really good way to keep fitness over this autumn period when the fell racing has stopped. Go on, give it a go!

DSC4688 570x380 News

DSC4701 380x570 News

DSC4721 570x380 News

Cumbria XC Photos – Penrith


Wasdale Show

Congratulations to Jack Dixon for 3rd U12B and Courtney for 4th U14G at Wasdale Show, the last race in the BOFRA Calendar.


Cumbria XC League: Race 1 Cockermouth

Well done to everyone who ran the first of the Cumbria XC League races in glorious sunshine.

DSC4660 285x190 News






DSC4664 285x190 News






DSC4678 285x190 News






DSC4676 285x190 News









Congratulations to James and Chloe for their wins at the English Schools Fell Running Championship.

DSC4516 285x190 NewsDSC4574 285x190 News













Orton Fell Race

DSC4435 570x380 NewsIt was a day for the U8’s/U10’s and U12’s at Orton Autumn Fair today as you turned out in force. There were some fantastic performances and it great to see 2 of our newer runners trying their first fell race – well done to Sarah and Richard, you are now truly fell runners and it was great to see you out enjoying the racing. We hope it has inspired you to come back for more as you both did really well and Arnside Knott is not far away.

DSC4471 570x456 News

DSC4447 570x380 News

We had 2 winners: Ruby Duxbury U8G and Jack Dixon U12B – congratulations to both of you and also to everyone who turned out. Whether you came first or last or anywhere in between we hope you had fun, we think you’re amazing!

DSC4453 285x190 NewsDSC4430 285x190 News








Orton Fell Race Results

Orton Fell Race Photos




WELL DONE!!!!! to Joe Edmondson who ran for England at the Home Counties International in Keswick on September 17th. This was a tough uphill only race to the top of Skiddaw and you did your country, let alone your club, proud – a fantastic achievement!

DSC4264 570x380 News


Ambleside Sports

DSC3444 570x380 News

A fantastic turn out despite the very damp weather! 35 of you battled the lung busting hill, disappearing into the cloud to fight the bracken before the thigh burning descent! But what a team, with podium finishers in 7 of the 8 races!!!!

DSC3507 570x380 News

DSC3554 190x285 NewsDSC3556 190x285 NewsDSC3657 190x285 News






Ambleside Sports Results 2016

Ambleside Sports Photos 2016



Langdale Gala

DSC3250 570x380 News

Another fantastic race organised by our very own coach, Todd – thanks to him and to all the marshals who gave up their time so the races could happen. As ever, the competition started well before the fell race with the sack races and various other gala activities.

DSC3028 285x190 News

DSC3030 285x190 News

DSC3031 285x190 News







Once the fell races started, Ambleside came to life! In the U8 races Ellen Dickson was 1st, Ruby Duxbury 2nd, Alaana Coates 3rd and for the boys Jamie Graham came 2nd – what a start!

DSC3071 570x380 News

The U10 team was incredible! We had an unbelievable 11 runners in the top 12 positions! You are surely the stars of the future and we definitely need you racing the English Championships over the coming years – you guys are awesome! Top 3 boys were Cal McVey 1st, Alex Graham 2nd and Jack Benson 3rd. For the girls we had Jess Edmondson 1st and Joss Evans 3rd.

DSC3068 380x570 News

In the U12 race James B won with Harry B 3rd and Sophie was 2nd in the girls race.

For the U14s we had Chloe 1st for the girls and Ben and Dan 2nd and 3rd respectively for the boys.

DSC3271 380x570 News

We had the top 2 spots in the U17 race with Joe 1st and Luke 2nd, topping off an Ambleside domination! Massive well done to everyone who raced.

Langdale Gala Results

Langdale Gala Photos








Stretton English Championship Race

DSC2967 190x285 NewsThe last race in the English Championship was a long trek down to Church Stretton, in Shropshire, on the border with Wales.

Congratulations to everyone who helped the team to their silver medal – 2nd place by just 2 points (out of 866), beating 57 other clubs.

DSC2872 190x285 NewsWhat an achievement for a young team who have only been running together for just a few years!

Individually, Chloe is U14 English Champion and James B is U12 silver medalist at the end of the series.

Ben and Sophie just missed out on bronze medals by the narrowest of margins.

DSC2927 570x380 News

DSC2980 570x380 News

The U8’s and U10’s are not included in the battle for the English Championship titles by the FRA but their achievements have been just as stunning! Big congratulations to Ellen and Jess for 2nd place each in their races. It looks like Ambleside could dominate in the years to come with such depth of talent across the age groups.

DSC2768 570x380 News

As well as being the last English Champs race this was also the British Inter Counties Championship for U16 and U18 age groups. Hannah and Joe represented Cumbria with Joe helping the U16 boys team to silver medal. Well done to both of you!

DSC2892 190x285 News

DSC2848 190x285 News





Stretton Results

Stretton Photos




Clougha Pike English Championship Race

DSC2311 570x321 News

What a great turnout we had at Clougha Pike for race 5 of the English Championship series. Well done! You have taken us within just 1 point of the title! If we do the same again at Stretton we will be English Champions, oh yeah! It’s not the podium places that James B (1st) and Chloe (1st) took that gave us the extra point, it was the rest of you who gave your all and pushed back the other runners that made the difference. When we all come together as a club we are unstoppable!

DSC2370 285x190 News

DSC2412 285x190 News

DSC2536 285x190 News







Just 2 more weeks to the final race in the series at Stretton. This race will also be the U16 / U18 British Inter Counties Championship where Hannah and Joe will be representing Cumbria so, although it is quite a trek to get to, anyone who takes part will experience a full British Championship race and will stand a chance of getting an English Championship team medal – could it be gold?

DSC2702 570x380 News

Clougha Pike is part of Quernmore Sports, a little village fête with some great events like the tug of war (which we won), the epic “Cresta Run” toboggan run, sack races, flat races, hockey, egg and spoon, obstacle course and the amazing chuck the egg competition. Somewhere in there they found time for the fell race.

DSC2697 570x380 News

Clougha Pike Results

Clougha Pike Photos


Turner Hall Uphill English Championship race

DSC2225 570x380 News

This event has become renowned as a super-tough test of pure climbing speed. It winds relentlessly up and up to the point of collapse and only the U8’s and U10’s get to enjoy the downhill. The rest of you were left broken and exhausted at the summit finish to face a slow walk back down, mostly discussing just how difficult it had been. It’s a wonder so many of you keep coming back to do it again!

DSC2180 570x380 News

This year Ambleside AC were amazing!!! We were 3rd team on the day, which takes us up to 2nd in the overall team rankings for the season. C’mon Ambleside, we’re only 2 points off winning and we’re 7 points clear of third place. If we can get lots of you coming to Clougha Pike (near Lancaster) this coming Saturday we can surely take top spot and be crowned the best club in England!

DSC2214 570x380 News

It’s not just the top counters who make this happen, it’s those of you who come further down the field but push runners from the other teams further back that makes the difference. Clougha Pike is a great day out at Quernmore Sports – a village fête with stalls, games, ice creams, egg and spoon / sack races etc. After all, there’s more to this fell running lark than just the races…

DSC2213 285x285 News




       …like hangin’ out…




DSC2205 285x285 News





…and exploring…



DSC2209 285x190 News





…and sitting in pipes?!…



DSC2207 285x190 News



…with your mates!




Congratulations to Chloe for her win, becoming the Uphill English Champion and to James 2nd, Ruby and Joe 3rd and to everyone else who bust a gut on the fell.

Turner Hall Uphill English Championship Results 2016

Turner Hall Uphill English Championship Photos 2016



IMG 0369 e1465762968278 214x285 NewsJake and Hannah have competed the Great North Swim this weekend in order to raise money for the Rosemarie Cancer Foundation.

They completed the swim in memory of David Benjamin who passed away last year from skin cancer.

If anyone would like to support them with their fundraising effort donations can be made through the website



Malham Kirkby English Championship race

DSC1820 570x380 NewsWhat a fantastic turnout for another great days racing in the sun. The 3rd English champs race and an Ambleside championship race. A fast start through the streams and then up onto the fell overlooking Malham Cove.

DSC1776 570x380 NewsA steep course with a fast descent and an uphill sting in the tail to the finish, all visible from the start field made for great spectator viewing. DSC1955 190x285 News

The girls were the stars of the day with Hannah D and Sophie R achieving 3rd places and Chloe a 1st. Team Ambleside retains its 3rd in the champs and is breaking clear of the 4th team.

DSC1941 228x285 News


A special well done to Beren who only joined the club on Thursday and put in a stunning race to finish 23rd and 3rd Ambleside!!!


There is so much more than the racing at these English Championship events. If anyone is wondering whether to do one but has never tried, it is well worth the extra bit of travelling for the atmosphere alone. No matter where you place you get to race against the best runners in the country and after the racing there are new places to explore and plenty of time for games in the sun with friends.

DSC1940 570x380 NewsDSC1943 570x456 News

Malham Kirkby results

Malham Kirkby Fell Race Photos



Hawkswick English Championship race

DSC1593 570x380 NewsWhat wasn’t to like? Sun, ice cream, becks to swim in and fantastic racing! All courses started up on the fell and went up from the start line. They kept on going up and up with long races for all and fast descents! Team Ambleside put in a tremendous effort!DSC1496 285x190 News

Well done to Ellen for being our only u8 competitor, to Jess for coming in 4th despite having a nasty fall and leaving a lot of skin behind as a memento.

DSC1582 285x190 News




To Courtney for shear determination to finish the course and Ollie for showing anyone trying to overtake him what the bracken looks like up close!


DSC1612 570x446 NewsThe rest of the team: Sophie, James, Harry, William, Emily, Ben, Chloe, Luke and Hannah raced hard with stunning results and team Ambleside moved up into 3rd place overall!!!! Individual winners were James 2nd and Chloe 1st.

Look out Malham here we come!

Hawkswick Results

Hawkswick Photos


Arant Haw

DSC1442 570x380 NewsThe traditional finale to the Kendal Winter League is the Arant Haw race. Fancy dress for those who are brave enough and presentations afterwards in Sedbergh Peoples’ Hall. It marks the end of racing every weekend and the start of the summer fair races. Congratulations to everyone for your efforts this winter.

DSC1421 570x380 News

Arant Haw Photos

Arant Haw Results



Todd Crag English Championship Race

DSC0902 570x380 News

DSC0999 228x285 NewsThis was the first English Championship race of 2016 and the first time that this race had been used for the Championship. Well done to Eleanor and the team for the fantastic organisation and hard work put in by all. The racing was steep and strenuous for all age groups with many of you moving up an age category. It was fantastic to have so many top athletes from around the country turn up to race with 325 juniors taking part.

DSC1053 228x285 News



As a club we performed extremely well with 4th team place out of 38 clubs. There were some fantastic individual performances with 2nd place in U12 boys & U14 girls, 3rd place in U8 boys and numerous other high ranking finishes. Particular mention to all of you who ran your first fell race in an Ambleside vest!

Todd Crag Results 2016

Ambleside AC photos

Full Race photos by Woodentops here.

DSC1308 570x380 News



Well done to everyone who ran at Elterwater for the final qualifying race in the Kendal Winter League. That completes the series and Ambleside have podium places in every junior category with overall wins for Joe in U17B and Chloe in U14G, both with maximum 500 points. Everyone who completed the series should feel very proud – to turn out week in / week out and race around the fells in the worst winter weather is tough, your prizes are well deserved and will be handed out at the presentation after the Arrant Haw race ( see above). Congratulations to our star coach Eleanor for her win in the V40 category!

Elterwater Full Results 2016

Final Kendal Winter League Table 2016


Helm Hill

DSC0548 570x380 News

A warm and sunny day with dry conditions under foot meant some fast and furious racing! Despite wild cows and horses you turned in some stunning performances. Well done to all of you who raced, some fantastic results! A big thank you to Rory who seemed to be everywhere supporting the adults race, it really helps to keep us going. Only 1 KWL to go

DSC0569 570x380 News

DSC0680 570x380 News

The Helm Results 2016

The Helm Photos 2016


Thule National Yr 5/6/7 Schools X-Country Championship


DSC0517 380x570 News



Congratulations to James, Harry, Sophie, Daniel and Eva who all represented Cumbria at the English  XC Championship for Years 5,6 &7 on Saturday. James won his race to become English Champion and Sophie was 2nd in her race. Well done to all of you!

DSC0514 570x380 News



DSC0123 570x380 News

DSC0147 228x285 NewsThe sun was shining, the tops were out and you were phenomenal!! Despite a lot of you racing the day before you pulled some amazing performances out of the bag. A quick sprint along the track before turning for the Big climb! Joe’s descent was incredible, hitting the track before anybody else had even come over the crest of the hill! Ben and Chloe pulling of a clear Ambleside 1, 2 and James for being the most amazing supporter ever being at the top of the U17 and adult hills! Well done to all of you who beat the hill, as Paula said “what doesn’t beat you makes you stronger” You are all stronger!

DSC0164 570x380 News

Cautley Spout Photos 2016

Cautley spout results


British Athletics Inter Counties Cross Country Championships

DSC0080 570x380 News

Fantastic performances from James, Chloe, Emily, Oli, Joe, Ben and Luke at this UK wide National Cross Country event held at Cofton Park in Birmingham. Poor Harry B had a last minute call up to the team over breakfast but he wasn’t feeling well and had to pull out half way round. This is the most competitive race of the year as every county in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland picks its best 8 runners at the regional cross country trials that happen earlier in the season.

You all ran really well against top quality competition – well done!

DSC0059 570x380 News

British Athletics Inter Counties XC Championships Results 2016

British Athletics Inter Counties XC Championships Photos 2016


New Balance English Schools Cross Country Championships

Congratulations to Luke, Oli, Joe, Ben & Chloe who represented their county at the National Schools XC Champs this weekend. This race was a far cry from our local fell races – runners packed in like sardines, no hills to speak of and a tented city set up in the grounds of an old mansion. It was an amazing atmosphere with so many of the country’s best runners all gathered in one place with the same goal. Be proud of yourselves, it is an amazing achievement which we hope you enjoyed.

DSC9615 570x380 News

DSC9603 570x380 News

DSC9649 570x380 News

DSC9630 570x380 News

DSC9653 570x380 News

DSC9636 570x380 News



Sedbergh School  

DSC9406 570x321 NewsWow a sunday with sun and racing! No battling the weather meant you could concentrate on battling each other! A fast and tough x country course, with the decision whether to venture into the deep, freezing water/mud jump to be made. Unlike your poor coaches whose decision was made for them and we had to go in 3x! Fantastic racing by all!

DSC9345 570x380 News

DSC9366 570x380 News

Sedbergh Photos

Sedbergh results


Saucony National Cross Country Championships, Donington Park

Well done to James, Joe, Ben, Courtney and Chloe who represented the club at the National X-country champs today. There were around 400 competitors in each race and you all did amazingly well. Results can be found here.

DSC9324 570x420 News


Cunswick Scar

DSC9155 570x380 News

DSC9108 285x190 News

I think KWL has become synonymous with atrocious weather! The course was very windy, very wet and very muddy!

You had to battle not only each other but your inner selves who would have preferred to snuggle in the warm at home.

DSC9157 285x190 News

DSC9143 285x190 News


Well done to all of you who raced and got valuable points in the Ambleside league championship.

A massive thanks to all the parents for your support and for scrubbing the kit!

DSC9181 570x380 News

Cunswick Full Results

Cunswick Photos


Northern Inter Counties XC

Well done to all our runners who ran for Cumbria in the copious mud,sleet and rain. This was a mentally hard race as well as tough on the legs! You helped Cumbria have a fantastic trophy haul winning Junior girls (Chloe coming 2nd), Junior Boys, Inter girls, Inter boys, senior girls, senior boys, overall girls, overall boys and overall winners!!! Congratulations to Joe, Oli, Ben, Chloe and Luke (reserve) who now go on to the ESAA National final, in Nottingham.

Also congratulations to Sophie,Eva, James B, Harry B, Daniel and James T (reserve) who are through to the first Yr5/6/7 National final in Leicester! Go Ambleside and team Cumbria!

Inter Counties Cross Country results

DSC8795 570x380 News

DSC8811 570x380 News

DSC8881 570x380 News

DSC8660 570x380 News

DSC8518 2 570x380 News



DSC8260 285x190 NewsIt’s a good, fast course at Birkrigg and the U12 course is the essence of what fell racing is all about – first person to the top of the hill and back wins – simple. Now some days fell running seems easy – you look up to a fantastic view across the fells and feel the warmth of the sun on your back. Not today. Today was a grit and DSC8317 285x190 Newsdetermination day – you all did amazingly well to get on with it and still put in some amazing performances. Everyone who ran in the fog and the drizzle today then shivered their way back to the car wondering how they were going to get their shoes off with numb fingers should feel very proud of themselves – we’re certainly proud of you! Well done to you all!

Birkrigg Full Results

Birkrigg Photos


Northern XC

A really big well done to Chloe, Courtney, Emily, Joe, Ben, Oli and Luke (even if he ran in Kendal colours) for being the 1st Ambleside team to ever enter the Northern XC Championship! Knee deep mud, driving hail and arctic winds didn’t stop any of you, but i pity us Mums trying to get your kit washed for tomorrow! Congratulations especially to Chloe for bringing home the silver medal in the U13Gs and to Joe (it’s a bit flat) for being the 1st Ambleside home in the U15Bs in 43rd!

DSC8191 570x380 News



DSC7980 190x285 News

A steep, narrow and very exciting course for runners and spectators. The start is crucial with a sprint through the bracken before starting the relentless climb and fast descent!

Fantastic U12G win for Sophie R, her first KWL win.

DSC8031 190x285 News



Congratulations also to Alfie for his first race in an Ambleside vest and to Luke and Jake for the most exciting inter team sprint for the finish!




DSC8131 570x380 News

Full Whitestones Results

Whitestones Photos



DSC7725 570x380 NewsWhat a fantastic arctic adventure! I’m not sure which was best; the racing, the sledging, the snowball fights, or the fact there wasn’t much mud!

DSC7850 570x380 NewsDespite the weather there was still a large turnout for all age groups. A true cross country dash across the fields and through a very icy stream!

DSC7872 570x380 News Congratulations to our winners Chloe and Ben and to all “the other Ambleside ladies” for making it race number 3!

DSC7929 570x380 News

Giggleswick Full Results

Giggleswick Photos



DSC7408 570x380 NewsIMG 0283 e1452549914787 214x285 News

May I send a BIG THANK YOU to all the supporters who stayed to cheer on our valiant runners, both kids and coaches alike, through the hardest wind blown hail stones and the deepest mud. I hope everyone has found their toes again. Well done to Jack B for competing in his first winter race and to Maisie and Joss for getting a 2nd tough one under their belts. They must also be the loudest supporters, cheering “the other Ambleside ladies team”. We really needed you!!DSC7374 570x380 News

DSC7452 570x380 News

Firbank Full Results

Firbank Photos


Cumbria County XC Champs 

Well done to all of you who ran the fast and muddy courses at Crooklands. The results prove that every team member counts! Not only did Ambleside come away with 6 individual medals! but also the

U11B team gold

U13G team gold

U15team gold!

Special well done to Chloe, Joe, Ben, Oli and Luke who have qualified to represent Cumbria at the inter counties championship in Birmingham in March.


Scout Scar

DSC6888 570x321 NewsThe 2016 Kendal Winter League series started with an enormous U12 line-up. On a cold, wet day you faced “THE MUD!” and were victorious.

.DSC6928 285x190 News


Ambleside had runners in all ages groups and, as the weather and mud deteriorated, you became champions.

DSC6915 285x190 News



What a start to 2016! We had winners in U12 boys, U14 girls, U14 boys and a pack finish in U16 boys with 2nd, 3rd and 4th! No pressure on the coaches racing after you then!!!



Remember to keep your race number for the whole of the KWL 2016 series.

Scout Scar Full Results

Scout Scar Photos


Cumbria Cross Country – Round 3: Penrith, Frenchfields

The second day of 2016 and the rescheduled race saw you burning off the pigs in blankets. Tackling a fast, very flat course with spirals and jumps seemed to suit you though as team Ambleside blasted away the competition. Well done to you all. We had 1st U11 girl, 1st U11 girls’ team, 1st U11 boy, 1st U13 girl, 2nd and 3rd U15 boy and 2nd U17 boy.

Cumbria Cross Country – Round 3: Penrith Results



Arnside Knott

DSC6350 190x285 News



The final race of the Ambleside junior championship tempted a massive 27 of you to face the chilly sunshine, was it the knowledge of great cakes?! We had competitors running hard in all age groups, which was great to watch.



DSC6356 190x285 News



The fast uphill / downhill route seemed to favour all our runners with Ambleside doing very well in the prizes, winning 7 out of the 10 categories! A special well done to Tom A for competing in his 1st Ambleside race and finishing in a notable 5th place, and to Alaana for notching up her 1st win in the U8G.


DSC6361 190x285 News




Arnside Knott Junior Results 2015

Arnside Knott Photos 2015





Cross Country

The cross country season is now upon us, a good way to build up speed and stamina in the winter months. The Cumbria series is very friendly and a good introduction to x country running. See reports below from the series so far. The remaining Cumbria x country series dates are:

Dec 6th Carlisle 12noon Sheepmount Stadium – CANCELLED, to be rescheduled either 3rd or 31st jan
Dec 12th Keswick 12noon Fitz Park CANCELLED, to be rescheduled

Cumbria x country flyer 2015


County Cross Country Races

Well done to everyone who represented Cumbria Schools at the Inter Counties Cross Country Match in Stoke and at the English Schools Cross Country Cup at Bolton on Saturday. You all ran well in terrible conditions!


Cumbria Cross Country – Round 2: Penrith

DSC6204 570x380 NewsWhat a day for the 2nd round of the Cumbria Cross Country league – I don’t think any of you escaped the mud in these conditions. It was a great course over undulating farmland and it brought out the best in you. Today we have to call out the hero role of honour for those of you who battled with illness as well as the elements. 3 of you were struck down with a dodgy vomiting bug which stopped William and Courtney in their tracks but amazingly James T managed to carry on for his second lap and finish his race – you obviously felt better for being a bit lighter James, that showed real guts and determination! Poor Harry B wasn’t able to start and Harry S couldn’t overcome his asthma which ruined his race and forced him to pull out after the first lap, we hope you’re all back on full form again soon.

DSC6208 570x380 NewsThe Cross Country League is not just about individual results but the all important team prize, which Ambleside have a real chance of winning in several categories if enough people complete the series. Joe was having a tough day and many others would have pulled out, especially when his brother Ben was putting in such a great performance, but he carried on because he didn’t want to let the team down – thank you Joe, your team mates will appreciate it when you bring the trophy home. Because of this Ambleside took 1st place as U15 boys’ team. Similarly Tessa, Giselle and Melissa turned out to join Bethan, Emily and Chloe and make up the 2nd place U13 girls’ team – a great show as we didn’t have enough runners to count last time. Cal, Rowan and James B made up the 2nd place U11 boys’ team. Jess, Olivia and Sophie were the winning U11 girls’ team.

DSC6215 570x380 News

Congratulations to Chloe, Sophie and James B who all won their races and well done to Paula who was the only coach to run the race – it must be tough racing against your son! Luke was racing for Kendal AC, so didn’t count for Ambleside. Oli was our highest placed runner in the U15’s and Daniel in the U13’s – well done everyone!!

Cumbria Cross Country Results – Penrith

Cumbria Cross Country Photos – Penrith


**BOFRA Championship Silver Medalists**

Congratulations to Joe Edmondson – 2nd in the U17 and Ben Edmondson – 2nd in the U15 BOFRA Championship. What do you feed them on Mrs Jo?

BOFRA Championship Results 2015


Wasdale Show

Just a few of the toughest took on the steep slopes of Kirk Fell for the last race in the BOFRA series. There are some great photos here and a video of the U12’s being chased by pack hounds here courtesy of Brathay Running.

Fantastic results for Joe (2nd), Courtney (3rd) and Ben (3rd). A great run too for Jess.

Wasdale Show Fell Race Results 2015


Cumbria Cross Country – Round 1: Cockermouth

DSC6049 570x570 News

Well done to everyone who came to Cockermouth for round 1 of the Cumbria Cross Country League. The U13 boys won the team event and stand a really good chance of winning the team prize for the league overall if you can all make it to the other races. There were podium finishes for Oli, Chloe, Daniel and Sophie with the rest of you well up in the rankings.

Cumbria Cross Country Results – Round 1: Cockermouth

Cumbria Cross Country Photos – Round 1: Cockermouth


English schools fell running championship

DSC5939 285x285 NewsSeveral of you suffered the crack of dawn start to get to Calder high School, Mythelmroyd for some impressive racing. Fortunately the fog lifted just in time for you to be able to see your way up the truly steep and long climb. DSC5791 228x285 News


The courses were much longer than usual and you lined up with some top runners. The starts were aggressive with hundreds of runners battling for position, you all did yourselves and the club proud. DSC5829 285x285 News

Congratulations to Chloe silver medallist in Y8-9 girls! To Daniel who was pipped to the post into 4th place in Y7 boys and Bethan an incredible 6th (Y7 girls).

English Schools Fell Running Championship 2015 Results

English Schools Fell Running Championship Photos





DSC5684 570x380 NewsDSC5719 190x285 News


Easy terrain led to a very fast course on a beautifully sunny day. Some of you even kept your feet dry by using the bridge over the ford – you know
who you are! All U12 age groups ran together making it a tight start, but you soon left the rest for dust. One champs race left to go!

Orton Fell Race 2015 Results

Orton Fell Race Photos 2015




Gt. Westmorland Trail

Ambleside dominated all age groups at Crosby Garrett today. A short sharp trip out of the village up onto the moor and back again for a piece of cake! Well done to all of you who risked the ford to get there and the weather. I don’t think you left many prizes for anyone else! Only 2 races left in the Ambleside Championship to go!

DSC5479 570x456 News

Great Westmorland Trail Photos 2015


Ambleside Sports

DSC 0658 570x377 News
DSC 0392 001 285x203 NewsWhat a perfect day! Sunshine, dry(ish) under foot and 31 of you took on the infamous course! You all ran with smiles on your faces and sheer determination in your legs. You battled bracken, thistles and THE HILL and should be exceedingly proud of yourselves no matter where you came.DSC 0305 285x204 News The club is certainly proud of you.

It was amazing to see waves of Ambleside vests descending out of the bracken down the hillside with 5 of you consecutively coming home in the top 10 of the u12’s race. Again a special well done to the girls, with Chloe R being 1st u12G and Hannah D being 3rd u14G. A fantastic start to the summer hols!DSC 0863 285x204 News


Thanks to Dave & Eileen Woodhead at Woodentops for the photos.


Ambleside sports 2015 results

Woodentops photos


Langdale Gala

DSC4568 570x321 NewsDSC4709 190x285 News
What an amazing Ambleside junior turnout in all races, fell, sprint and sack! A special well done to Joss, Maesie, Emma, and Jack B for braving the rocky course as your 1st race. A tough one!

The blue and green vests were a formidable team and raced brilliantly over the varied terrain in a variety of weather. The younger ones coping with the heat and the U14’s and U17’s having incredibly slippy conditions in the downpour.
DSC4654 190x285 NewsDSC4624 190x285 News


Congratulations to the girls – Emma Duxbury winning the U8 girls, Sophie R sprinting in to be the U10 girls winner and Chloe R not only winning the U14 girls trophy (having only turned 12 two days previously) but being the 1st lady home with a new course record!

Look out Ambleside sports here we come!

Langdale Gala 2015 Results

Langdale Gala Photos 2015


The Helm (BOFRA)

Well done to everyone who took part in The Helm fell race. It was a total change from the day before at Turner Uphill as we had glorious sunshine and there was even a downhill after all the effort of the up! A special mention goes to Amber for a great run in the U9’s and Courtney had a fantastic race to take 3rd in the U14’s.

The Helm Fell Race Results 2015


English Championship Results

DSC3872 285x190 NewsAfter the final race in the FRA English Championship we were well represented with some great performances. Well done to Chloe who was runner up in the series with 2nd place overall in the U12 category. Everyone who completed 1 race or more was given a position and the best 4 race scores were accumulated to decide the winners. We had several runners in the top ten for their age category so it was a great series for the club which finished in 8th position out of 58 clubs.

English Championship Results 2015


Turner Uphill

DSC4441 570x380 NewsThe final race in the English Championship saw some epic battles on the Walna Scar Road in the Duddon Valley. There were big crowds for this event which was uphill only for U12’s and older but up and down for U8’s and U10’s.

DSC4391 285x228 News
There were various degrees of clag to run in and stiff competition in all the races. Prizes were won by Sam Thornley (3rd U8 Boy); James Bowen (1st U10 Boy); Harry Bowen (2nd U10 Boy); Sophie Rylance (2nd U10 Girl) and Chloe Rylance (2nd U12 Girl). We were 5th in the team rankings.

DSC4399 285x228 News


Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to all who came out to support the team. Special mention has to go to Jake who travelled all the way over to support even though he couldn’t run because of injury – we hope you’re back running soon Jake.

Turner Uphill Results 2015

Turner Uphill Photos 2015


Hawkswick Dash

Some of you just can’t resist the urge to race can you? Luke, Oli, Courtney, Harry, James and Jess all trekked out to Hawkswick to race – well done.

Photos can be found on the Woodentops website.

Hawkswick Fell Race Results 2015



Several of you made the journey out to Kettlewell for this classic Yorkshire fell race. Well done to Oli and Ben for their 3rd places.

Photos can be found on the Woodentops website.

Kettlewell Fell Race Results 2015


Coniston Gullies

Well done to everyone who took part in the Coniston Gullies Fell Race on sunday. Thanks to Steve from MOViE iT for the photos…

Coniston Gullies Results 2015

rowan coniston gullies News

conistongullies2 570x380 News

coniston gullies 3 570x380 News



Malham Kirkby English Championship Fell Race

DSC4117 570x570 News

DSC4178 228x285 NewsMalham cove was the setting for the penultimate English Championship race and it was a great race run in near perfect conditions. This was the first time the race had been staged and Keighley & Craven AC put on a top class event. It had fast grassy sections through the meadow, several stream crossings and a steady climb amongst the limestone outcrops. Clubs from all round the country were represented which made for very competitive racing. Ambleside came away with two firsts, three seconds and a third place in the U8/U10/U12 age groups. As a team, we moved up into 8th place overall despite 5 trophy winners not being old enough to count for the team points.

DSC4055 228x285 News

Just 1 more race to go in the series, which is the Turner Uphill – this race is an uphill only championship in its own right and it would be great to see as many of you there as possible for this local race. It is also the next Ambleside AC Junior Club Championship race and there are 6 races left so if you have not entered any yet, you need to do this race to have a chance of winning the trophy. Some age groups have had very few entries so if you turn up you have a good chance. See the points table here to see how everyone is doing.


Malham Kirkby Fell Race Results 2015

Malham Kirkby Fell Race Photos 2015


Hutton Roof Fell Race

DSC4012 570x321 News

What a great day we had at Hutton Roof! Glorious sunshine and a great turnout as it was a counter for the Ambleside AC Junior Club Championship. The great turnout meant we had loads of winners in almost every age category we entered. Check out the results attached at the bottom of this report to see how well everyone did. It just goes to show what great talent we have throughout the club and there are lots of you who have not yet raced but would do really well. A special mention has to go to Freddie Dixon who won the U8 boys race – well done Freddie!

DSC3970 456x570 News

The great thing about these summer fayre races is all the other fun stuff that comes with them. After the race at Hutton Roof there were tug of war games, 3 legged races and wheelbarrow races – all free to enter and 50p prize money for the winners. As always, the competitive spirit of our runners didn’t end with the fell race and most people seemed to win something.

DSC4013 570x380 News

Hutton Roof Fell Race Results 2015

Hutton Roof Fell Race Photos


Inter Counties Fell Race Championships, Betws-Y-Coed

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Congratulations to Joe Edmondson for representing Cumbria at the British Inter Counties Championship. He won a team medal as Cumbria came 3rd. It’s a great achievement Joe – well done!


Thanks to Jason
Edmondson for the photos.



Coiners English Championship Race

Despite a very early start on a Bank Holiday morning, 8 of you tossed aside your duvets and trekked to the bogs of Yorkshire for the 4th counter in the FRA English Championship. Described as “Testing routes with a tough uphill start” – they weren’t kidding! It was across the field, up through the woods and out onto the open fell, which after 2 days of torrential rain claimed the lives of many a fell shoe. The final descent brought out the best in the Usain Bolts of the downhill world and was much easier for those who still had 2 shoes on.

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Great results all round with Chloe and Harry B winning and Sophie and James B taking second places. Rory, William, Oli & Luke all put in strong performances to bring our team position up to 9th place out of 54 teams. The next 2 races are more local and it would be fantastic to see some more faces experiencing the great atmosphere of these English Champs races. Turner uphill is even an Ambleside AC Junior Champs race and it’s only just over the hill!

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Coiners English Championship Results 2015

Coiners English Championship Photos


Arant Haw 

The fancy-dress fell race finale! We started with a musical warm up overlooking the Yorkshire Dales. It was quite hard to watch tutus, tights, leg warmers and onesies jumping up and down, let alone having to listen to 1D blasting out across the fellside! The mass start was a sight to behold but there was more chatting than there was racing for some of you!

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15 of you completed the series – well done, the regular racing will give you a good base for the rest of the year. In the podium positions we had Luke and Chloe finish 2nd overall in the U17 boys and U12 girls respectively and Harry B taking 3rd place in the U12 boys. A great effort! A special mention has to go to Rowan who was the only Amblesider to complete all 11 races. You surely saw the best and worst of the winter, Rowan.

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So the Winter League ends and the summer racing begins – that means summer fairs and ice cream but I’m sure some of you will find bog in even the driest conditions!

Arant Haw Photos


Kendal Colour Dash Sun 19.4.15

A few of our runners took part in the Kendal Colour Dash, a charity run round Kendal to raise money for St John’s Hospice. We turned up in plain white T-shirts but they didn’t stay white for long! As we ran round the course we were pelted with paint powder in all colours so that by the end there wasn’t an inch of us left clean. It was a great atmosphere and a lot of fun with 700 runners taking part. It would seem that even a charity fun run can’t suppress the competitive streak of some of our young runners who took to the front before they had even left the start on Kirkby Kendal School playing fields and stayed there! If we are still a bit purple round the edges at training on Thursday you will know why.

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West Nab English Championship Race

Only the brave took on the bilberry singletrack and the barbed brambles of West Nab for the 3rd English Championship counter on Saturday. We DSC3512 190x285 Newshad glorious sunshine all day and what a battle for all involved. I think most of you will be nursing your wounds for a few days yet – this was a hard earned finish and a big “Well Done!” goes to all who made the two hour journey into the heart of Yorkshire.

The race is run over low fells so it involves several ups and down rather than the typical long slog up and hair-raising descent back down. It required some tactical thinking as there was no chance of moving up the field during the long sections of single track, so it was a fast start as everyone jostled for position and every opportunity had to be taken when the terrain opened up in the middle of the race.

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Podium finishes for Sophie Rylance (2nd U10) and Chloe Rylance (2nd U12) – well done girls!

West Nab Fell Race Photos

West Nab English Championship Results 2015


Todd Crag Junior Fell Race

Todd Crag Junior Fell Race 2015 results

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What a great night of running for the Todd Crag Race! The organisation was fantastic with a super-slick registration process and marshalls all over the fell to ensure none of our runners strayed from the course. DSC3037 285x190 NewsDSC3034 285x190 News


Thank you Eleanor for all your hard work and to all the marshalls who gave up their time to ensure the race ran safely and smoothly.



As usual, fantastic weather was pre-ordered and the evening run in the sunshine was set against the backdrop of the Fairfield Horseshoe behind the start at Rothay Park in the centre of Ambleside.

DSC3047 570x380 NewsWe had runners from all round the country taking advantage of a great midweek race in the Easter holidays with the cake stall proving as popular as the fell race. Thanks to all who donated cakes or volunteered to man the stalls.

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Tom N stormed to his first victory and Sam T wasn’t far behind to take 3rd place in the U8 boys’ race. For the girls, Jessica Edmondson romped home to win for our sister club Broughton Runners with her team-mate Olivia Swarbrick coming in 3rd. In the U12 race it was girl-power all the way as the first 3 Ambleside runners home were Chloe R (Winner of the girls’ race and 4th overall), Sophie R and Bethan R. Well done for giving the boys a lesson in how to run like a girl! In the U14 race Jessica’s brother Ben Edmondson was a convincing winner for Broughton and our U17 runners had a big step up as they ran (very successfully) in the adults’ race.

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Todd Crag Junior Fell Race Photos 2015


Pendle English Championship Race

3 Ran at Pendle for the 2nd English Champs counter. We had a depleted team because of the Easter Holidays but Ollie came 16th, Jake 45th and Rory 68th – well done!



Elterwater Common (Final Kendal Winter League race)


Overall League Table


Errwood Hall English Championship Race

image001 285x190 NewsYet more rain and wind greeted the four Ambleside runners as we arrived at Errwood Reservoir near Buxton for the first of the FRA English Championships. Fortunately, the clouds cleared as William D, Harry and James DSC 0087 001 285x190 Newsset off on the under 10’s route- a steady climb over track and moorland, then a quick turn and a flying descent back down to the finish. Fantastic results for our three under 10 runners; Harry first, James second and after a fall  and a slide in the peat bog, William finished seventh!

DSC 0095 001 285x191 NewsLuke made his debut in the under 16’s- a 5.3km route over track, through woodland and valley bottom and then a long climb to the moorland summit, finishing in a respectable twelfth place amongst a strong field of 42 runners.





Forthcoming Training 

Here is the training schedule for the next few weeks:

  • 19.3.15    Last session at the Phoenix Track
  • 26.3.15    Meet at Elterwater Common at 5:45pm. Please wear fell shoes and                   bring head torches
  • 2.4.15      No training due to lack of available coaches
  • 8.4.15      Todd Crag Race (see club races page for details)
  • 9.4.15      No training due to Todd Crag Race the previous day
  • 16.4.15    Normal weekly fell training resumes – meet at Ambleside School at                     5.30pm

(All children must wear fell shoes and carry bumbags containing a waterproof jacket, hat and gloves. Light, close-fitting clothing is advised as you will get hot and muddy)

The Helm

DSC2860 570x570 NewsThe penultimate race in the Kendal Winter League was treated to glorious sunshine at The Helm. Isn’t it so much better when the wind doesn’t howl and you don’t have to squint your eyes against the rain? The close cropped grass and dry conditions made for a very fast race and we had some great performances. It was great to see Tom and Hannah Nicholson running well. Apologies to Tom – Jon didn’t catch your photo as he was busy looking for Ambleside colours. New vests are on the way and we’ll get you kitted up!

The Hannahs ruled in the sunshine – there must be some kind of “Spontaneous Outburst of Joy” award for the springtime lamb-leap that Hannah Durkin pulled off on top of the ridge – way to go Hannah!

DSC2909 456x570 NewsFull Helm Results



1 Mile Handicap Challenge

Well done to everyone who took up the challenge of the Ambleside Juniors 1 Mile Handicap. It was run along the Rydal Track with a measured 1/2 mile out to the turn around point and a mad dash back to the start / finish. We hope you all enjoyed it, the results are now in. This was not determined on who the fastest runner was but on who could estimate their running time most accurately.

1 Mile Handicap Challenge Results 15.03.15


Cautley Spout

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At last a dry day, if windy. The route went up, up, up, down, down, down! It may take several days for our legs to recover – this was a true fell race. Well done to all of you who battled the crosswinds, the longer routes and the leg-busting descent. This was a race for those of you who can switch off your brains and let fly. It’s getting towards the end of the series and final positions hang in the balance – every race counts and Ambleside are vying for some top positions. Only 2 to go…

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Full Cautley Spout Results



UK Inter Counties Cross Country Championship

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Congratulations to our runners who took part in the UK Inter Counties Cross Country Championship yesterday. We had Luke and Oli in the U17’s and Chloe in the U13’s.

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It was an enormous event, running against the best of the best who had qualified from the County Championships, with runners coming from all corners of the British Isles.


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Oli and Luke had 301 runners in their event and came 132nd and 169th respectively. Chloe had 305 runners in her event and came 76th. It was a fantastic performance by all against incredibly stiff competition – well done!

UK Inter Counties XC Results



Cunswick Scar

The weather man said it was the first day of spring – not at Cunswick Scar, it wasn’t. It was another round of the sleet and snow fest for all our brave runners, well done to everyone for taking part. This was the 2nd race in our Ambleside AC Junior Championship and loads of you turned out to get some valuable points towards the trophies.DSC1867 456x570 News


The U12’s were lucky to have the best of the weather but even they had a battle with the wind as the new, longer route sent them out over the golf course, leaping the dry stone walls as they went.



We could all learn a thing or two from Charlie’s determination not to be defeated by the elements. There was a wild beast behind those eyes – great effort, Charlie!

By the time the U14’s headed up onto the scar the wind was building and Matt, Harry and Cole really had to work hard all the way.

The U17’s had a further 1300m or so of exposed running before they could head for home and it was obvious as Luke, Jake and Hannah returned that conditions had been tough. But, spare a thought for your poor old coaches who faced 5 miles of it, just as the hail started, and by the time they crawled their way back over the finish line it was a full-on blizzard!

Full Cunswick Scar Results



Sedbergh School

DSC1740 570x380 NewsNormal winter league conditions resumed with wind, rain, sleet, mud, MUD and more MUD!!!! A fantastic junior turnout despite this and I hope you have all defrosted and found all your fingers and toes. Today was a classic x-country course with undulating terrain, slippy cambers, a water/bog jump and a log jump. Well done to all of you who ventured out, parents and runners alike. As you huddled inside the Ambleside tent you must have wondered if this was really such a good idea! A big welcome back to Jake who certainly picked a day to have his post injury debut.

DSC1825 570x570 News

Full Sedbergh School Results




This is the race everyone talks about! “It’s the steepest race in the Winter League”; “Last year a man broke his collar bone”; “It’s so steep you have to DSC1539 228x285 Newsslide down on your bum!” All true, but this did not deter our amazing Ambleside Juniors. You took on the mountain and you conquered it. What a day – gorgeous sunshine and dry underfoot – DSC1588 190x285 Newsunheard of in the Winter League. Spring must be on its way! We had supporters from valley floor and stretching way up the fell – thank you, your encouragement makes a big difference to kids and adults alike. You are the unsung heroes of the club and a big part of our enjoyment and success. A special mention has to go to William, who proved his racing pedigree with a blistering performance, and to Cole who’s running has really improved over recent races.

Full Barbondale results



Northern Schools Inter Counties X-country

Congratulations to Oli, Luke and Chloe who represented Cumbria at the Northern Schools Inter Counties X-country on Saturday. It was a fairly flat course around parkland at South Shields and the best runners from the north of England competed. Cumbria won every trophy! That’s the overall boys’, overall girls’ and overall team trophies. Each of our runners contributed to the win and should be very proud of their achievement. In the Inter Boys race Luke ran strongly against an older field to finish 44th; in the Junior Boys race Oli battled back from a week of illness and put in an amazingly gutsy performance for a very respectable 46th; in the Minor Girls race Chloe paced it very well from a frantic start and moved up the field from 18th at the first corner to finish 3rd, just 2 secs off 2nd and 10secs off the win. It was a valuable day to see how other clubs approach their running and how our performances stack up against tougher competition. Well done, you three! This is something to aspire to for our younger runners as we certainly have the talent and it really helps improve your fell running speed.

Individual Northern Schools Inter Counties results                                                    Team Northern Schools Inter Counties results


Birkrigg common

DSC1260 570x380 News

At last some sunshine and what a great turnout on a stunning day. No mud, no wind, no rain… no shoe cleaning – hooray! This was the first race in our Ambleside Junior Championship and 19 of you have points on the table! Hope your lungs have caught up with your legs after that brutal climb and warp speed descent. Most have a week off this weekend so plenty of time to prepare for the Barbondale vertical scree run?! Good luck to Oli, Luke and Chloe who are all in action at the Northern Schools Inter Counties X-country on Saturday.

Birkrigg Full Results




DSC0980 380x570 News

Sunday brought yet another battle against the elements. This time it was especially wet!! The steepest race so far, with lots of mud and bracken and a descent only for the brave. We had a fantastic Ambleside turnout with 16 runners having a go!

Well done to Hannah & Tom Nicholson – you picked a tough race for your first go. And special congrats to Harry S who flew into 9th place, our only U14 racer!

Next week is Birkrigg Common Fell Race. This is the first counter in the Ambleside AC Juniors Championship – let’s see all of you get points under your belts.

Whitestones Full Results




DSC0769 570x380 News

Despite the weather being perfect for penguins, 10 of you braced yourselves for running with no sensation in your hands or feet. The Giggleswick race was for those of you with real guts and determination. The route-walk in a blizzard tested our downhill penguin tactics perfectly! The knee deep stream traverse was good practice for those planning for future races in the Arctic! Warm ups of snowball-dodging and snowman-rolling made an interesting change and the post race warm down involved as many kids as possible balanced on a tarpaulin, accelerating down a steep snowy bank (I’m sure that’s in the official training manual somewhere!). What a great day and what amazing kids you are!

Special mention has to go to Amber who ran her first fell race, having only come to her first training session on Thursday!

Giggleswick Full Results


Arnside Knott Fell Race – What a fantastic turnout for the final Ambleside AC Juniors Club Championship race of the season. It went head to head for the U12 Boys Cup and the race within a race was very exciting for all of us spectating. Ambleside swept the board with the prizes, winning the U8 Boys, U10 Boys, U10 Girls, U12 Boys, U12 Girls & U16 Girls – all with new course records! Well done, you did the club proud!

Full results

Cross Country

Despite most fell races having finished, x-country is in full swing. We have 8 runners who are regularly participating in these races in very wintery weather. Some have shown real determination by even running in their socks!!! (James B at Maryport) when they ve forgotten their shoes. (He still came in 3rd!)

The latest of these races was: Penrith 6th Dec – a hilly, farmland course that suited our runners

  • U11 Girls Sophie R 3rd
  • U11 Boys Harry B 2nd / James B 3rd/ Daniels S 4th
  • U12 Girls Chloe R 2nd
  • U12 Boys Harry S 9th
  • U15 Boys – Luke B 2nd / Oli G 3rd (who both had to start 2 mins after the main pack as they are so fast!!)

News just in: The U11 Boys team has come 1st in the whole competition! Luke B is 2nd and Ollie G 3rd overall – well done boys!!

Next races (See the RACES page for full details)

  • Sun 21st Dec 10:30am CFR Xmas Pudding Trail Race at Cockermouth
  • Sat 3rd Jan X-country at Penrith (must be age >9 to compete; U13 s and above compete for a Cumbria vest to represent the county; includes team prizes too so would be good to see lots of Ambleside vests on the start line)

What will 2015 bring?

Kendal Winter League – the 1st race is Sun 4th Jan at 12:00 at Scout Scar. Look out for the Ambleside flag as we will base ourselves around it. Try and turn up about 45mins – 1hr early and we will walk the course with you and warm you up ready for the off. Make sure you wear your vests as I think Ambleside could be well represented. And remember your fell shoes James B! New racers should check the kit list as usually a bumbag with waterproof top, hat and gloves are compulsory and it is strictly enforced.

We had 2 overall winners last year (Chloe R and Luke B) – let s see what we can do in 2015!

FRA U12 English Champion!!!!

DSC0518 570x380 NewsFantastic result for Chloe Rylance, who collected the winner’s trophy in the 2014 FRA National Championships, shared with joint winner Briony Holt of Clayton-le-Moors, as they were equal on points at the end of the series. A fabulous season for you Chloe, and we are very proud of your achievement.