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AAC Juniors: Summer 2020 Skyline Challenge

How to Do It

  1. Choose any challenge and do it.
  2. Make a record of it – photo, screenshot etc. and e-mail it to Michelle: or to Niki:
  3. Record it on your Summer 2020 Challenge sheet (below).
  4. E-mail your challenge sheet to Michelle or Niki when you’ve completed either 10/20 challenges for your Half AAC Skyline or all 20 challenges for your Full AAC Skyline Award.
  5. You can also include any races you did (or may yet do!) in 2020. Write the race name on your challenge sheet.

All welcome so come on seniors, get involved ?


  • Please follow all relevant guidance on social distancing etc. from the Government at the time you are undertaking any challenge
  • Don’t put yourself or anyone else at unnecessary risk ….stay safe.
  • Make sure you tell your Parents/Guardian which challenges you are doing and maybe take them along.
  • Follow ‘The Countryside Code’ (

And most importantly…..Have Fun and Enjoy! We look forward to hearing about how you are doing.

All contributions will be posted here.


Michelle and Niki