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Itinerary for 40th do

Seniors Social Events

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Marquee erection following Friday morning run on 14th. 

Toilets dropped off…2 x portaloos. 14/7

15/7…Small amount of parking available on site but lots of local parking close by…Miller Bridge Car Park just behind venue, Loughrigg Avenue/Meadow across the road. 

REGISTRATION 8am til 12 noon on Saturday. ALL participants, including walkers, MUST register between these times before setting off. If you are splitting the route over a few days…you MUST give me details of date and time etc. and you need to still register in person on Saturday as well. 

MINIMUM KIT REQUIREMENT….if doing the Watershed, or any part of it, then full FRA kit please. There will be a map shared from Rob Harper very soon. Thanks Rob. 

EVERY person doing Watershed route MUST carry their own supplies and a bottle or cup for the 2 water stops on Dunmail and Kirkstone. NO route markers or checkpoints. Participants take part at their own risk.

Everyone to be finished by 6pm at latest please and you must check back in to registration so we know you are back. 

My suggestion is you do the Challenge in pairs, as a minimum. There is no requirement to do the whole route. You can do as much or as little as you want/can. Or it can be done as a relay. Anything is acceptable as long as you have fun! 

Drinks/tea/coffee and ice creams will be available from 8am at registration and all throughout the day. 

Food will be served from 6.30pm onwards. Selection of GF/vegan/vegetarian food. 

Drinks…a bar will be provided selling craft beers/wine/Prosecco and soft drinks. NO ‘bring your own’ please! 

Steve Brown will provide a speaker and background music. Thanks Steve. 

Lots of fun, laughter and stories to be shared throughout the evening. 



Helen mobile 07788 406226

Chris H mobile  07811 199125