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England Athletics Registration

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England Athletics Registrations


I’m going to try and explain a complicated policy in as simple a way as possible. It’ll still be boring; this isn’t one of Ben’s race reports to settle down to with a cup of tea.


Ambleside AC are registered with England Athletics (EA) for the disciplines of ‘Hill & Fell running’ and also ‘Cross-country’ (often abbreviated as x/c).


If you are a paid up club member and only run fell races, this is where your interest might end. You are eligible to compete in all UK fell races and compete for the mighty blue & green in fell relay champs events too. You may well seriously consider joining the Fell Runners Association, which will cost you £16/year and gives you not just 3 fab magazines a year, but also preferential entry & reduced entry fees at many fell races, especially FRA Champs.


If you want to run in x/c races in an Ambleside vest, many x/c races (but not all, I told you it wasn’t simple) require you to have your own individual EA registration number (called your URN number). This URN number is usually needed to enter x/c races, especially the bigger races.


If you want to register with EA we have to do this for you. In past years, the club has paid an individual’s annual £16 EA registration fee ourselves, which was a bit generous considering you only shell out a maximum of £10/year for AAC club membership! From 2022 onwards, ‘the committee’ decided individuals should pay this registration fee themselves. So, if you want to register with EA, and be able to run x/c for Ambleside AC, you will need to transfer £16 across to the Ambleside AC bank account, using your name and ‘EA’ as a payment reference. Get in touch with Chris Giles for our bank account details –


You should let me know by e-mail when you have done this, and we will then register you with EA and provide you with your URN number, which will give you access to your own EA portal on their website.


Lastly, as a club we are not registered with EA for the disciplines of ‘Road running’ or ‘Track & Field’. If you only ever run in other races such as popular Trail runs, 10k’s or marathons, that’s no problem, EA registrations are not usually required for these types of races. However, if you want to compete in EA registered events such as Championships or organised track races, you will also need to join another running club who are registered for these disciplines. You could then compete in fell races and x/c races for Ambleside, and your other club in Road or Track & Field events. We have several members who do this and who use, for example, Kendal AC or one of their other past clubs, for this purpose.


It actually gets more complicated than this, especially in relation to first/second claims and also Juniors, so if you have any additional Q’s please contact myself. I’ll write a piece on First / Second claim memberships for the next Newsletter. It’s a thrilling topic and deserves a sequel 😉.


Chris Hodgson

Club Secretary