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Matty Jackman’s BG Poem

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Ambleside AC Runner Matty Jackman took on the BG in September 2021 and wrote this poem:

We began that eve from Moot Hall,

up Skiddaw we started to crawl,

then slid down the back

on a deep boggy track

to Great Calva, which also felt tall.


Plunged to Wiley Gill and turned right,

Blencathra grew large in the night.

Calves and quads now burnt,

just a start (so I learnt),

down Hall’s Fell for a brew and a bite.

From Threlkeld up beastly Clough Head,

a climb with two kicks to dread.

Then three quick Dodd’s,

all conquered at plods,

heads down and so happily led.


White Side and a Raise in the road,

with supporters to lighten the load,

until Lower Man

scuppered that plan

and put us back into trudge mode.


Helvellyn to Nethermost Pike,

finding Dollywaggon we disliked!

Lost for a second,

“Round here,” we reckoned!

2 A.M a strange time for this hike!

A snapped running pole isn’t great,

worse when Fairfield is next on your plate!

Up that scree track,

the worst out and back,

then Seat Sandal keeps up your heart rate!


Dunmail Raise called for some porridge,

from cars full of snacks we could forage.

Yet rest is too short

in the Bobby G sport,

so we took what could in our storage!


Steel Fell: easy said but hard done:

with fresh new support keen to run!

Through bogs to Calf Crag

we broke from the clag,

Sergeant Man route finding had begun!


High Raise was our next friend to meet,

with stomach pain and wet warm feet.

To Thunacar Knott,

without second thought,

in Langdale we would now compete.


Up Harrison then Pike O’ Stickle,

the crags make descending a pickle.

Then round Stake Pass fast,

Rossett Pike, at long last!

The dawn brought a tense nervy tickle…


Up the sheer, twisting route on Bowfell,

Fuelled on wraps and some energy gel,

we got to the top,

I slipped on the rock,

my ankle in pain (all could tell)!

And now to the worst fell in the round,

Esk Pike is quite evil I’ve found.

Simply not needed,

and progress impeded,

I think that the reasoning is sound…


Then Great End emerged in the sun,

Ill and Broad Crags quickly run.

To England’s rooftop,

the leg pump nonstop,

then down Mickledore for some “fun”.


We’d recced Broad Stand to be quick,

but the rock that day was too slick.

Round to Lord’s Rake,

simpler to take,

Touch Scafell and fall fast is the trick!


Wasdale Head meant goodbye to Leg 3,

but a Yewbarrow was staring at me…

Up its steep side,

lead by Bill, my guide,

ignoring my ankle was key!

Bill knew racing lines off by heart

(like all support he played the main part).

Red Pike to Steeple,

Pillar saw people,

with no idea where we did start!


Up the gully to Kirk Fell we climbed,

then to Great Gable, which felt ill-timed…

Slapping the summit,

again down we plummet,

the team at Honister getting primed.


At Bowfell I’d split from my mate,

who ran on at a faster rate,

but from Green Gable

I then was able

to catch him at Brandreth: it was fate!


Down Grey Knotts to finish Leg 4,

up on timings and just one leg more!

Dale Head the last climb,

Still looked good for time,

round Hindscarth and Robinson we tore.

Now on a foreign substance: a road,

Legs just about find running mode.

Disbelief to admit

We might complete it,

At Keswick  a smile to explode!

Up the hallowed main street to a cheer,

floating on air, were we really here?

A couple steps more,

hands placed on the door!

And handed  a trophy of beer!


42 peaks and 66 miles,

a Round made of many more trials.

The memories forever

of this mighty endeavour:

twenty-two hours of running and smiles.


To Jim, Jez, Mike, Graham, Bill and Rob,

Charlie, Matt, Justin, Craig, on our Bob.

To Broady and Als,

Richard and pals,

Jonny, Neil, and family: what a job!



Then to Al B, a class running mate!

The next challenge calls, what’s the date?

Or let’s hit the pub,

for we’re in the club:

#2607 and #2608.


Written by Matty Jackman (#2607)

Grasmere, Cumbria

Ambleside AC