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Club Vests


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Hey team, I know quite a few folk are keen to obtain a club vest as Pete Bland’s shop are struggling to get hold of them just now.
We provide our junior runners with vests from a great company called Wasp. They are happy to fulfil an order of senior vests which, I hope, will act as a stop gap for now.
Apologies for the picture but shows that the colours are true, the fit is nice and the font “correct” …Jim Tyson ;-). Also, the letters are part of the print and don’t fall off, providing endless anagram fun. Some of you may miss this additional bonus! Nor do they come with pink socks!
The vests come in the following chest sizes and fit a wee bit loose of true:
They cost £16 if we buy a minimum of 18 with three in each size. If only one person requests a particular size, don’t worry as we’ll order a few more; I’m keen to ensure we have a small “stockpile” that can meet demand for a few months.
If you would like to order one, please email me on I’ll check the replies on Friday 11th and place the order next weekend:-) Delivery should be three weeks from order. When I have the numbers for the order next weekend, Chris Giles and myself will contact you to transfer money to the club account.
Please don’t be offended if I don’t/can’t respond to enquiries until next weekend. Hope this helps a bit, for a while at least!
Michelle x