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Bob Graham Records request

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Our membership secretary, Krystal has been contacted by Bob Wightman, BG membership secretary to see if any Ambleside AC members can help. If you have any information do get in touch with Krystal:

I have been contacted by Bob Wightman (membership secretary for the Bob Graham Club) who has been busy during lockdown digitalising the old paper ratification forms and also cross-reference members and their pacers.


Inevitably there is some information missing and Bob has asked me to pass the following link around our members to see if anyone recognises a name or two to help fill in the blanks


In particular, Bob is asking about two very early members – Phil Betney and Neil Matthews – who did their rounds together. Unfortunately some of their information has gone missing so Bob doesn’t know things like how long they took. Phil was a member in Ambleside up until the late 90s but neither of them are on our current member list.”