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Seniors Social Events

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Saturday 4th December at the Sticklebarn In Langdale.
There’s a two course meal booked for 60 people. £16 for main course and pudding: vegan chana masala and fruit crumble (not vegan but if any vegans let me know on this post, I’ll ask the pub to provide that number of vegan puddings.)
Hopefully some kind of run out on the fells in the afternoon- I’ve requested a perfect, snowy day! Food at 7 and then presentations of awards followed by some merry making with some music. We’ve got the place until 11.00/15. Lots of fun and laughter to be had after a long time without. Seem to be a fair few contenders for the infamous red flag award too which will be fun!
It is also possible to come along and not have the meal and just come for a few drinks.
If you want to book yourself the food option, get on it quickly and please transfer £16 to the AAC club bank account. Chris Giles will then let me know when we’re at 60:
20-04-68   90381535
Reckon that’s about it. Hopefully see loads of you there; we’ve loads to celebrate in friendship and great time out in the hills this last 18months; time and friendships which have kept lots of us sane!
Michelle x