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Club Achievement Awards and Red Flag Award for 2020


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Achievement Awards 2020
Despite it being a very different year, we are holding the ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS FOR 2020! Please can you have a think who may be a worthy contender (1 male and 1 female) and send ME YOUR NOMINATIONS BY SUNDAY 7TH MARCH by email to After Sunday I will then send out the list of nominees, giving you a few days to vote for the most deserving male and female BY FRIDAY 12th MARCH.
Please try to think outside the box, this is not necessarily about those who have shown an ‘achievement’ in terms of being the fastest or fittest…it could be someone who has perhaps faced unchosen challenges, inspired others or fed a granny daily, home schooled 3 kids, ran every day barefoot for a great and worthy cause and delivered prescriptions to the far reaches of Cumbria by fell pony! 
It has been a very different year and we are maybe not all aware of everyone’s achievements as we have seen less people, than we normally would when racing and training together – so please take the time to nominate to see your clubmates achievements recognised! The attached review of 2020 by Ben may help jog your memories…
I look forward to hearing who you nominate. 
Jane Reedy
Red Flag Award for 2020
Traditionally awarded for navigational ineptitude, this year this coveted award will also accept nominations for general f***whittery – fell running related, or not! If you know someone who deserves ‘hauling over the coals’ or embarrassing for the entertainment of their clubmates, please contact me via email at
No anecdote too small!
Ben Abdelnoor