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AAC Coronavirus response

AAC Coronavirus response for members

With the latest government advice to socially distance and avoid unnecessary gathering, the club has had to cancel/postpone the following club events:

Wilfs Meal on March 24th
Braemar weekend April 3/4/5th
Loughrigg Race April 8th
Fairfield Horseshoe Race May 23rd

Junior training is also cancelled for the foreseeable future. In addition to this the club will also suspend formal training for seniors on Tuesday mornings and evenings, Thursday evenings and Friday mornings. Members may still wish to run together and are free to use the club Facebook and WhatsApp groups to arrange this. Please do be mindful that government advice is to not gather unless necessary. For those wishing to run with others, Mike Troup has kindly compiled this helpful guidance:

Keep your distance

Don’t touch each other

Cough/sneeze/blow nose as far away from others as possible, down wind, and not onto hands. Use your sleeve if you need to

Decide on a running order – stay in it – stay apart

First person open gates, stands as far from the path as possible; others pass through and wait – apart – for the first person to resume their place at the front.

Ideally no cafe/pub post run

Wash hands 1/ before run 2/ as soon as you get home 3/ after putting running stuff in the washing machine

We will reassess the situation as things develop. In this difficult time, please look after your club mates, particularly those who are self isolating for whatever reason.

AAC committee