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Red Screes Downhill Club Champs Race

Thursday 29th August 2019

The third running of this Downhill route promises to be a corker and is part of the club champs again in 2019. The concept is simple. We all start together at the summit of Red Screes and descend the long broad ridge to the south. The first to the door of the Golden Rule pub on Kirkstone Road in Ambleside wins.

The plan

Meet on summit at 7.20pm for a 7.30pm mass start. To encourage people not to skimp on kit to save weight, there will be a clear kit requirement, dependent on the weather, posted on club Facebook and website that day. If the weather is inclement please don’t give yourself too long to hang around on the summit. We need to start bang on 7.30pm due to timing consistency.

Please do not climb any walls or deviate too wildly from the path down the shoulder of Red Screes. This being fellrunning, cunning fast lines are absolutely encouraged, of which there are a few. Those of you familiar with the descent might recognise the points marked on the image below. In the interests of fairness, everyone needs to know that the wall gap at the northern most point and the low gate at the southern one are IN as crossing points. There is a decent trod joining the two. The gate requires a little step over or ‘shimmy’ through! Still time for a recce!

Can I please appeal to everyone to be super careful on the 700m of road at the end? If anyone racing can help by synching watches with me at 6.30pm at the Rule then please let me know. Someone to take times at the finish from 7.40pm would be useful as well. No-one except the runners are needed at the summit. Finally, there is no charge for this race as it comes free as part of your membership of the Greatest Fellrunning Club on Earth.

Beers and Prizes in the Rule afterwards. See you there, Dan

downhill image 622x486 Red Screes Downhill Club Champs Race Screen Shot 2019 08 23 at 06.35.40 511x622 Red Screes Downhill Club Champs Race