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Results Seniors

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Dreich days can be beautiful days. The trees on the lower slopes of Loughrigg were veiled in the softest of mists; their dark, sable trunks a sombre background to the vibrant splashes of blue and green vests, the occupants of which shifted about restlessly from foot to foot, cautiously eyeing one another up for hints of form like highly strung race horses. And with lungs burning and calves quaking, they were gone. Gone up the unforgiving zigzags and on to the open fell. Simple and pure: touch the summit of both Loughrigg and Silver Howe and then Loughrigg again on the return journey by any route you like. Two minutes later, Selwyn trotted through the start line to give chase. And then, he too had disappeared into the soft mist.

Harry Shuell’s rapid start was reeled in by Ben and Dan’s pace of experience. Game on! With Ben running carefully to manage an injury, the battle for victory was left to Harry and Dan: one deploying the fast surge tactics and the other the persistent, even effort…you guess! In the end, youth won out and Harry sprinted into the park to finish in 1h 20mins and 28 secs, chased all the way to the line by Dan who finished just 12 seconds behind him. Ben, injury well under control and looking as fresh as a daisy, took third in 1h 25mins.

Thanks to all who turned out to have fun in this first Club Championship race of 2018: runners (club and guests) and spectators. Without your passion for our sport, your laughter and good natured banter, we wouldn’t be the finest fell running club in the world. Here’s to the rest of 2018!


Loughrigg Silver Howe Chase Results 2018