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Tuesday Evenings

TUESDAY NIGHTS ARE BACK! Meet 6.40pm at Ambleside Rugby Club for 6.45pm start

Posted on October 29, 2018

Tuesday night Winter training starts NOW! Time to get lean and fast over the winter:-)
Meet at 6.40pm at Ambleside Rugby Club for a 6.45pm start.

What’s on Offer?

There’s something for everyone:

An easy, traily run for anyone wanting a steady run out 4-7 miles. This run is led by Sarah or Paul and is perfect for anyone who is new to the club and wants to get a feel for the pace, anyone who has raced hard and wants a steady one, anyone who is injured who needs to go easy or anyone who just wants to enjoy a run out at a steady pace. Bring a head torch.

There’s always a few who want to hit the fells so bring a head torch if that’s the kind of night you need.

Hill Reps

There will be a “structured” hill rep session for those in pursuit of increased speed and strength. These sessions are led by Michelle and will continue to alternate between the “classic” 7/8/9/10 hills of Ambleside taken at full gas with steady run in between each hill and the Kenyan hill sessions which have proved enormously popular so far this winter.

About Kenyan Hill Reps
These sessions build strength and stamina through increased time in your higher HR zone (approx. 80-90%). The difference between these and our usual hill efforts is that you run hard up the climb but not as insane as usual “7 hills” pace” as you don’t stop at the top or bottom of the climb to recover but instead focus on a steady, smooth down and flat (where the recovery happens). Essentially, it’s a continuous loop up to 1km in length. A session may be  2 x 10 minutes, 3 x 8 etc with a recovery in between. Thee sessions are best finished off with a few short, speedy efforts. In my college days, I ran for Sale Harriers and these sessions are really effective and were a staple session in our winter cross country training week, even if they do hurt like hell!

8/1/19: Hills of Ambleside
15/1/19: Kenyan hills, Fisherbeck loop anti-clockwise (3 x 8 mins, 3 min rest between each set)
22/1/19: Hills of Ambleside
29/1/19: Kenyan hills, Kirkstone loop towards Stock Ghyll (2 x 12 mins, 3 min rest between sets) Committee Mtg afterwards in Rule. All welcome as always.
5/2/19: Hills of Ambleside OR Kirkstone session (5 mins effort, 3 min walk/still recovery, repeat to Kirkstone Inn)
12/2/19: Kenyan Hills, Fisherbeck loop clockwise (3 x 8 mins, 3 min rest between each set)
19/2/19: Hills of Ambleside HALF TERM
26/2/19: Kenyan Hills, Kirkstone loop left side (2 x 12 mins, 3 min rest between sets)
5/3/19: Hills of Ambleside
12/3/19: Kenyan Hills, need to find a loop for this one, possibly up through college and back towards Rule (2 x 15 mins, 4 min rest between sets)

After this date, I’m going to monitor daylight hours! If there’s enough light, there’s some great Kenyan loops just waiting for y’all on Todd Crag/Lily Tarn. Perfect for some 3 x 8s. Watch this space.

So, bring: fell/road/trail shoes to suit, a headtorch and a few warm layers. Remember that these hill sessions are for everyone, irrespective of whether you think you’re a fastie or not. Just turning up and running the loops at a faster pace than you’d usually run is going to get you out of your comfort zone and make you faster! And be sure to come for a drink in the Golden Rule afterwards.

2019 – BRING IT ON! The road to glory starts here:-)
Any last minute changes due to weather chaos/other circumstances will be posted on FB.