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Duddon 2015

041 285x214 Duddon 2015 Steph looking way too happy for someone heading up the aptly named Wetside Edge. 042 285x214 Duddon 2015 Jim “Superman” Tyson. Today’s run somewhat more than his 3mile minimum! 043 285x214 Duddon 2015 Adam B picking some hardcore races this year. 044 214x285 Duddon 2015 Ashy – doesn’t even look like he’s trying! 046 214x285 Duddon 2015 Rich getting some hard miles in before his BG. 047 285x214 Duddon 2015 Todd on a mission after his “shortcut” turned out to┬ábe not so short! Great work closing the gap again. 048 285x214 Duddon 2015 Chris looking as cool and effortless as ever! 049 285x214 Duddon 2015 Another great performance today from Karl.


050 285x214 Duddon 2015 Apparently Ben, “Drinking is for wimps!” Thank our very own David Bailey for that one!

Thanks Dan for the great photos today – sure we’ll all miss you scampering about with your camera once that Achilles is race fit again!?