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Blisco results 2017

They are here with a brief report by Sel.

Selwyn also has a cag and bumbag that were left at the race – get in touch with him to arrange their return.

Red Screes Downhill – RESULTS

What a great event! Having the juniors running amongst (ahead!) of the seniors really made it something different and special. The times that all 5 junior runners recorded are pretty astounding given their relatively young years. The future is bright for AAC!

I don’t think I have ever completed a race where over half the field had some part of their body bleeding at the end (is that a good thing?). There have been suggestions that we make this an annual event and I think that is a great idea, so all being well we can all have a go at beating these times, perhaps in more favourable conditions, next year. Other runs of note include Tom Simpson with his disintegrating shoe (who came in barefoot!) and Jane Reedy who is returning to running after major surgery and did a good job of keeping Chloe in sight right to the end.

Massive thanks to Carolyn Meynaud for doing timing and results.

Pos Name Time Category
1 Dan Duxbury 18:12 MV40
2 James Bowen 18:19 M Junior U13
3 Rowan Ashworth 18:37 M Junior U11
4 Paul Knowles 19:05 MV40
5 Harry Bowen 19:44 M Junior U13
6 Vince Gregg 21:15 MV40
7 Tom Simpson 21:29 MSEN (barefoot!)
8 Chris Hodgson 21:34 MV50
9 Chloe Rylance 21:51 F Junior U15
10 Paul Simpson 22:05 MV50
11 Jane Reedy 22:12 FV40
12 Jim Evans 22:26 MV40
13 Tom Ashworth 23:39 M Junior U9
14 Steve Ashworth 23:46 MSEN (1st Dad!)
15 Kate Ayres 23:48 FV50
16 Nikki Rylance 26:08 FV40 (1st Mum!)
17 Paula Bowen 26:52 FV40
18 Steve Brown 28:01 MV50
19 Mike Troup 28:19 MV60
20 Cath Musetti 34:08 FV50 (sweeper 1)
21 Britta Sendlhoffer 34:52 FV40 (sweeper 2)


Red Screes Downhill Dash 2017 results

Downhill race – final update

Downhill race tonight – kit needed:

waterproof top and bottoms
hat or buff

This is to keep you warm as you wait at the top for others to assemble, and keep you safe on the descent should you require assistance.

Thanks to Carolyn Meneaud and Jeremy Lefton for agreeing to do timing at the Rule. Prizes aplenty so stick around for a drink after.

If anyone wants to get up the fell but not race, there could be a role as a ‘sweeper’ carrying a bit of safety kit. Let me know if you want this job 1f642 Downhill race   final update:-)downhill cartoon 382x622 Downhill race   final update

Great Lakes Fell Race 2017

Race report and full results here. Thanks Ben and Britta.

Great Lakes 2017 Results Great Lakes Run

Red Screes Downhill Club Champs Race

Red Screes Downhill Club Champs Race

Tuesday 27th June 2017

Ever wondered who the best descender in the club is? Well wonder no longer, the race you have been waiting for is here. This one-off Kamikaze Downhill affair is part of the club champs in 2017. The concept is simple. We all start together at the summit of Red Screes and descend the long broad ridge to the south. The first to the door of the Golden Rule pub on Kirkstone Road in Ambleside wins.

The plan

Meet on summit at 7.40pm for a 7.45pm mass start. To encourage people not to skimp on kit to save weight, there will be a clear kit requirement, dependent on the weather, posted on club Facebook and website that day.

Please do not climb any walls or deviate too wildly from the path down the shoulder of Red Screes. This being fellrunning, cunning fast lines are absolutely encouraged, of which there are a few. Those of you familiar with the descent might recognise the points marked on the image below. In the interests of fairness, everyone needs to know that the wall gap at the northern most point and the low gate at the southern one are IN as crossing points. There is a decent trod joining the two. The gate requires a little step over or ‘shimmy’ through! Still time for a recce!

Can I please appeal to everyone to be super careful on the 700m of road at the end? If anyone can help by synching watches with me at 6.30pm then taking times at the end from about 8pm then please let me know. No-one except the runners are needed at the summit. Finally, there is no charge for this race as it comes free as part of your membership of the Greatest Fellrunning Club on Earth.

Beers and Prizes in the Rule afterwards. See you there, Dan

Screen Shot 2017 06 21 at 20.11.29 622x414 Red Screes Downhill Club Champs Race

Wasdale recce this Sunday 25th

Wasdale recce this Sunday. 9am Brackenclose. Possible car shuffles to save the road back to the cars at the end.

Great Lakes Race – HELP NEEDED

Once again Ben and I are in search for helpers and hill marshalls for the Great Lakes Race (Sunday, June 18, 2017), Taking place on the Sunday after the Tebay race.
For those who are not familiar with this race ( ), the 21km/13 miles may be a bit decieving, as this is a monster of a route!
The checkpoints are on some of the iconic summits of the area – Bow Fell, Esk Pike, Great End, Scafell Pike, Foxes Tarn Gully, Sca Fell, Slight Side and Pike of Blisco – so not just the runners but also the marshalls are guaranteed a big day out!
We need at least two marshalls per checkpoint to count through and record runners. Due to the nature of the terrain, that makes communication challenging, we may need marshalls to stay on at their checkpoint until after the last runner has gone through…
We yet again have Raynet on site and on Bowfell to help with communications, but our marshalls will be in charge of radios on the other checkpoints.

With a bit of luck you’ll get to enjoy a warm and sunny mid-summer’s day on the hills, but we all know it could also be a very cold day… This race is an adventure, not just for the runners, but also for the helpers.
Non club members are very welcome too. If you can not help yourself but know others who might be interested, please forward this message. Or see whether you can rope in a friend to keep you company…
We will also need helpers ‘on the ground’ to help with car parking, registration, kit checks and results, so those who can’t make a summit are welcome too!
This is a tough race to staff, especially in bad weather it’s a big ask, but it’s a classic route. We don’t get a big field, but it’s certainly a case of quality not quantity. (As shown by the fact that yet again we already had Nicky Spinks’ entry though the post!).
The sooner you let Ben or me know, the easier you will make our lives and the less sleep we need to loose, so please get in touch if you can spare the day!

Jobs available (First volunteers get the first pick):
Checkpoint marshalls:
• 2 x Bow Fell
• 2 x Esk Pike
• 2 x Great End
• 2 x Scafell Pike
• 2 x Foxes Tarn Gully
• 2 x Sca Fell
• 2 x Slight Side
• 4 x Pike of Blisco (2 shifts)
At base:
• 1-2 x Car Parking
• 2 x Registration
• 2 x Finish
• Take part in the race – pre-entries available
Contact Britta on / 07826113011 or Ben on / 07896151179

Tebay recce Wed 31st May

There are a few of us planning a recce of Tebay next Wednesday evening (31st). Thinking a start time of around 6.30pm but can do what works best for people. 40 of us entered. Who’s in?

Club Champs results

Club Championship results up to Stickle Uphill here

Thanks to Jim

Stickle Uphil Results

What a brilliant evening! Here are the fruits of your labour:

Stickle Uphill Race Results 2017

Ben stickle 570x321 Stickle Uphil Results