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Fantasy Fell-running – Results

Thanks to all that entered the Edale Skyline Fantasy Fell-running competition. Sorry the results have taken longer than expected – unfortunately I dropped a major clanger by failing to specify what would happen in the event of a tie.

After some deliberation it was decided to resolve this using the ‘longest correct subsequence’ from the predictions. Fortunately this algorithm is O(n log n); unfortunately it produced a further tie. After more deliberation (this time unilateral), ties have been broken by excluding non-finishers from the results. This wasn’t guaranteed to work either but luckily it did.

Congratulations to Paul Tierney, this month’s Fantasy Fell-running champion, with Ben Abdelnoor the runner-up on tie-break. Special mention to Dan Duxbury who as well as coming third would have been the clear winner had non-finishers been excluded from the results. This might be something to consider if we do this again – comments and suggestions would be welcome (email link below).

Once the dust peat has settled, the Chairman’s Statistical Analysis will follow later in the week.


Place Name Score
1st Paul Tierney 60
2nd Ben Abdelnoor 60
3rd Dan Duxbury 62
4th Mike Barron 62
5th Matt Elkington 64
6th Gary Thorpe 64
7th Jack Wright 64
8th Neil Talbott 66
9th Chris Hodgson 66
10th Jacob Snochowski 68
11th Rob Harper 72
12th Richard Stevens 72
13th Chris Atherton 74
14th Paul Wright 74
15th Rachel Wright 74
16th Jonny Malley 78
17th Tom Gibbs 82
18th Chris Evans 84

Please send any corrections, comments or suggestions to Neil Talbott ( SportIdent results are available here.