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Club Champs – Heron Pike and Stone Arthur Round Tuesday 27th March

Heron Pike – Stone Arthur Round 4 miles 2000ft 
(proposed Leg 4 of the British Relays): Next Tuesday 27th March

Leg 4 satellite image 622x339 Club Champs   Heron Pike and Stone Arthur Round Tuesday 27th March

The Club champs this year contains 3 races round each of the proposed legs 1, 2 and 4 in March, April and May this year. As well as giving us some excellent courses to race round on a Tuesday, it will also help us troubleshoot, get some feedback and obtain a better estimate of winning leg times. It will also a be a good chance for a hard run out and a bit of inter club banter as runners from other Lakes clubs have been informally invited to join us.

Leg 4 of the relay is the first one up, next Tuesday 27th March, setting off from the fields south of the Traveller’s Rest pub on the A591. It visits Alcock Tarn (south end), Heron Pike and Stone Arthur (see map). We estimate the men’s winning time to be around 40-45 mins. This leg will be fully flagged and suitable for 16 year olds at the relay in October and at the informal ‘race’ next Tuesday. It will start promptly at 6.45pm. There is no need to register at all, but please don’t be late.

Leg 4 map image 466x622 Club Champs   Heron Pike and Stone Arthur Round Tuesday 27th March


We really need anyone from the club who is willing to take times at the end, or even better, stand on one of the summits checking if the radios work. Let Dan know if you can help.

Please note that runners will be totally responsible for themselves on the evening. This is not a proper race, there will be no entry fee, numbers, prizes or marshals. There will be published times for all runners. You may be asked to carry FRA kit to keep things fair and safe, so come prepared. Add a head torch to your kit if you expect to be out for more than an hour.
Spread the word and hopefully see as many Amblesiders there as possible.

The dates for the other 2 leg races are:

Leg 1 – Seat Sandal (45/50 mins) – Tuesday 24th April 6.45pm
Leg 2 – Great Rigg – Fairfield – Cofa – Grisedale Tarn (70 mins) – Tuesday 22nd May 6.45pm

Any questions, ask Dan: