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Help needed please for the 14th Great Grizedale Trail Race

Sunday 25th March

You will see that this race clashes with the Junior Championship Race at Todd Crag on the same day.

Hopefully we have enough helpful members in the Club to satisfy the needs of both races.

For Grizedale we need:

2 to help me set out the course on Saturday afternoon. We do this from my van with tape and arrows. Great opportunity for a 10 mile interval training run. Usually takes around 2 hours.

2 for Car Parking – 10am to 11.30am.

2 for Registration at the Yan (indoor, warm and dry) –

issuing race numbers and taking money from any Entries on the Day – 10am to 11.45am.

2 for the water station at High Cross (give out water bottles) 12.15pm to 1.30pm.

4 for the Finish – timing,  give out water bottle and memento.


It’s all in a great cause.

Helpers get a bottle of wine and Anthony Nolan Trust get a donation of around £1,000.


Thanks Tony Walker or  tel: 017684 80896