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Wansfell Race – 27th December 2017 Help required please!

Full information for competitors is available under the “Races” drop down. This bit is the annual call to arms for help!

Hey Amblesiders,

It’s almost time for the annual mince pie attrition that is Wansfell:-)

If 4k of thigh burning up and lunatic descent ain’t your thing then I’d love you to come and help me if you can. It’s always a popular wee race and I need help with:

Registration+ Kit check (Mike Barron, Lou R, Alice + Rich S)
Sign Putter Outer (Rich Stevens)
Cattle grid and road marshals (Jim Sinton + 1)
First fell gate (Niki + Sophie Rylance))
Bridge marshals (Jim, Sam + Joss Tyson)
Summit Marshals (Dan, Paul Wright + Stu S)
Sweeper/sheepdog (Gary T)
Finish + Timings (Lou R, Peta + 2)
Photographer! (Mac’s Laura!)
Kitchen staff ( Rachel Wright + Alice T)

Baking (Chris Hodgson, Michelle + as many as offer. Ambleside AC’s Christmas Bake Off!)

We’re an awesome club and I’m always really touched by the many, many offers of help I and our other ROs get for races. Your contribution might not seem much but we host some of the best races in the calendar and they make a lot of people happy. So, sign up for a job and have a great day out with the nicest people I know.

Michelle x

All offers of help to Michelle Foxwell

07956 040211