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Kirkstone Handicap: Tuesday 12th December, 6.30pm

No matter how hard and fit you are, this is a 3 miler that is going to HURT! It’s beauty lies in its simplicity…

Arrive at the salt box at the bottom of Kirkstone for 6.30 (6.45 is fine  if you’ve already told Paul Knowles that you’re running as he’ll have fixed you a handicap in advance). The  rugby club will be open to drop kit from 6.15/20.

Runners are set off with the slower/injured/recovering runners setting off first and the fasties chasing hard. Paul’s handicapping system is usually so near perfect that all of the runners generally arrive within a few minutes of each other at the top! Run as hard and fast as you can to the Kirkstone Inn at the top, chasing the head torches in front and trying to avoid being caught by those that set off after you.

Enjoy a sociable jog down and meet in the Golden Rule for prizes, a wee bit of food and a pint. The rugby club will be open for showers afterwards.


As it’s the last of the club champs, there may well be a lot of runners wanting to run so, if you are sure you’re coming, please let Paul Knowles know asap so he can rock up with most of the handicaps set which will save time at the start:-)