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Red Screes Downhill – RESULTS

What a great event! Having the juniors running amongst (ahead!) of the seniors really made it something different and special. The times that all 5 junior runners recorded are pretty astounding given their relatively young years. The future is bright for AAC!

I don’t think I have ever completed a race where over half the field had some part of their body bleeding at the end (is that a good thing?). There have been suggestions that we make this an annual event and I think that is a great idea, so all being well we can all have a go at beating these times, perhaps in more favourable conditions, next year. Other runs of note include Tom Simpson with his disintegrating shoe (who came in barefoot!) and Jane Reedy who is returning to running after major surgery and did a good job of keeping Chloe in sight right to the end.

Massive thanks to Carolyn Meynaud for doing timing and results.

Pos Name Time Category
1 Dan Duxbury 18:12 MV40
2 James Bowen 18:19 M Junior U13
3 Rowan Ashworth 18:37 M Junior U11
4 Paul Knowles 19:05 MV40
5 Harry Bowen 19:44 M Junior U13
6 Vince Gregg 21:15 MV40
7 Tom Simpson 21:29 MSEN (barefoot!)
8 Chris Hodgson 21:34 MV50
9 Chloe Rylance 21:51 F Junior U15
10 Paul Simpson 22:05 MV50
11 Jane Reedy 22:12 FV40
12 Jim Evans 22:26 MV40
13 Tom Ashworth 23:39 M Junior U9
14 Steve Ashworth 23:46 MSEN (1st Dad!)
15 Kate Ayres 23:48 FV50
16 Nikki Rylance 26:08 FV40 (1st Mum!)
17 Paula Bowen 26:52 FV40
18 Steve Brown 28:01 MV50
19 Mike Troup 28:19 MV60
20 Cath Musetti 34:08 FV50 (sweeper 1)
21 Britta Sendlhoffer 34:52 FV40 (sweeper 2)


Red Screes Downhill Dash 2017 results