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Great Lakes Race – HELP NEEDED

Once again Ben and I are in search for helpers and hill marshalls for the Great Lakes Race (Sunday, June 18, 2017), Taking place on the Sunday after the Tebay race.
For those who are not familiar with this race ( ), the 21km/13 miles may be a bit decieving, as this is a monster of a route!
The checkpoints are on some of the iconic summits of the area – Bow Fell, Esk Pike, Great End, Scafell Pike, Foxes Tarn Gully, Sca Fell, Slight Side and Pike of Blisco – so not just the runners but also the marshalls are guaranteed a big day out!
We need at least two marshalls per checkpoint to count through and record runners. Due to the nature of the terrain, that makes communication challenging, we may need marshalls to stay on at their checkpoint until after the last runner has gone through…
We yet again have Raynet on site and on Bowfell to help with communications, but our marshalls will be in charge of radios on the other checkpoints.

With a bit of luck you’ll get to enjoy a warm and sunny mid-summer’s day on the hills, but we all know it could also be a very cold day… This race is an adventure, not just for the runners, but also for the helpers.
Non club members are very welcome too. If you can not help yourself but know others who might be interested, please forward this message. Or see whether you can rope in a friend to keep you company…
We will also need helpers ‘on the ground’ to help with car parking, registration, kit checks and results, so those who can’t make a summit are welcome too!
This is a tough race to staff, especially in bad weather it’s a big ask, but it’s a classic route. We don’t get a big field, but it’s certainly a case of quality not quantity. (As shown by the fact that yet again we already had Nicky Spinks’ entry though the post!).
The sooner you let Ben or me know, the easier you will make our lives and the less sleep we need to loose, so please get in touch if you can spare the day!

Jobs available (First volunteers get the first pick):
Checkpoint marshalls:
• 2 x Bow Fell
• 2 x Esk Pike
• 2 x Great End
• 2 x Scafell Pike
• 2 x Foxes Tarn Gully
• 2 x Sca Fell
• 2 x Slight Side
• 4 x Pike of Blisco (2 shifts)
At base:
• 1-2 x Car Parking
• 2 x Registration
• 2 x Finish
• Take part in the race – pre-entries available
Contact Britta on / 07826113011 or Ben on / 07896151179